The 2012 Grand Asia & Australia Voyage

Contributed by: filbert Friday, October 16 2015 @ 07:05 AM CST

Text and pictures by Snookums, webification by Filbert

The Itinerary

This is the table of contents for the online version of our trip journal. Here are the chapters:

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Part One – Seattle to Hakodate, Japan.

Part Two – Hakodate, Japan to Yokohama, Japan.

Part Three – Yokohama, Japan to Kobe, Japan.

Part Four – Kobe, Japan to Nagasaki, Japan.

Part Five – Nagasaki, Japan to Hong Kong, China.

Part Six – Hong Kong, China to Singapore and back to sea.

Part Seven – Semarang, Java, Indonesia and back to sea.

Part Eight – Lembar, Indonesia to Komodo Island, Indonesia.

Part Nine – Darwin, Australia to Hamilton Island, Australia, and back to sea.

Part Ten – Brisbane, Australia to Eden, Australia.

Part Eleven – At sea, viewing a solar eclipse, to Auckland, New Zealand.

Part Twelve – At sea, to Fiji, Samoa, and across the Equator.

Part Thirteen – At sea, to Hawaii, to San Diego, and home.