Just to be very clear

I do care somewhat however about what the 2012 election says about the future of the United States, and of the world. And in my humble opinion, what is says is nothing good for either my country or the world.

2012 U.S. Election Analysis In Brief

Same as it ever was.

To my dear, beloved Democrat-voting fellow citizens:

You broke it. You fix it. Everything that’s wrong with this country is either your fault, or you’ve made it worse because of your well-intentioned but naive policies (and I’m offering you the most charitable interpretation possible here). Good luck in the next four years, because you’re gonna need it.

You can’t blame Bush any more. This mess belongs 100% to Obama now–and to the Democratic Party. And since none of you high-minded Democrats know why it’s going wrong in the first place, you won’t be able to fix it. And since your idea of constructive engagement with Republicans and free-enterprisers is to loudly shout “SHUT UP!!!” whenever we have the temerity to say “uh, excuse me, have you really thought through what you’re gonna do?” you have made yourself totally immune to anything but your comfortable, disastrous groupthink.

My prediction for the next four years: It ain’t gonna get a lot better.

It is a comfort to me that I am not always right. Perhaps you know-it-all Democrats could try some humility some time. But I fear that humility is an emotion you have no further use for, in your march to the grand collective “progressive” future.

Done with politics. For a while anyway. It’s all on you now, Democrats. For the love of Gaia, don’t screw up too badly.