Sodas cause obesity

Specifically, fructose (as in “high-fructose corn syrup”) appears to cause more weight gain[*1] (in mice) than other sugar sweeteners like glucose, and that weight gain is not explained by calories alone.

All the mice began the study at an average weight of 39 grams. Those consuming the fructose-sweetened water showed significant weight gain over the course of the study, with an average final weight of 48 grams–compared with averages below 44 grams for the other groups–and had about 90 percent more body fat than the mice that consumed water only.

Total caloric intake was lower in the mice that consumed the fructose-sweetened water than in the other groups, except for the control animals provided with water only.

“We were surprised to see that mice actually ate less when exposed to fructose-sweetened beverages, and therefore didn’t consume more overall calories,” said Dr. Tschöp. “Nevertheless, they gained significantly more body fat within a few weeks.”

I’m always astonished that it seems to come as a surprise to most dieticians and physicians that not all calories are the same. There’s this little thing called biochemistry. This is the intricate system of chemical reactions which determines how the body processes food. It’s driven by enzymes created by the body, and each person’s body creates and processes enzymes at slightly different rates (just like everybody has a unique fingerprint). This means that everybody’s biochemistry is a bit different. This is why one diet does not fit all. Some diets (i.e. controlled carbohydrate diets) directly address manipulating the body’s biochemistry. Others (“portion control” starvation diets and “low-fat” diets) don’t.

The Whip-Sports, Travel and Fun, and Writing and SF-July 30, 2010

The less serious, more enjoyable parts of life–my life, anyway: Sports, travel and other amusements, and writing and science fiction news: Sports

Idaho rivalry turns vicious [*1]

Royals trade Scott Podsednik to the Dodgers for two minor-leaguers [*2]

Royals recall Bullington; option Marte to Omaha [*3]

IUPUI launches investigation into women’s basketball program: Coaches accused of aiming emotional abuse at players [*4]

CNN poll: Obama approval 47/50 [*5]

Travel and Fun

Brewer claims world’s strongest beer [*6] — I’m not sure I even want to try a 120-proof “beer.”

Update: Cruise Ship Collides With Whale in Alaska [*7]

“Rubicon”: Eerie portrait of “Top Secret America”–AMC’s stylish drama about a powerful intelligence contractor isn’t pure fantasy, according to the Washington Post [*8]

Best Luxury Ships [*9]

Writing and Science Fiction

Self-Editing: My Guide [*10]

Narrative, Resonance and Genre [*11]

Re-Write Wednesday: Overcoming Adversity Through Adverbs [*12]

Write It Again, Sam: A Few Thoughts on Revision [*13]

The Whip-Technology, July 30, 2010

Technology, in all it’s glory, wonder, and frustration! Keep the Internet Free of the U.N. [*1]

Upload limit increases to 15 minutes for all users [*2] — YouTube, that is . . .

Low-tech Shatner eyes Twitter, says what the “$#*!” [*3]

Android wallpaper app that steals your data was downloaded by millions [*4]

Great news: New electric car costs only slightly more than average annual per capita income [*5]

Kindle to Go ‘Mass Market’–Amazon Digs in Heels by Introducing New, Cheaper Version of E-Book Reader [*6]

New Amazon Kindle announced: $139 WiFi-only version and $189 3G model available August 27th in the US and UK [*7]

Some Volt Math [*8]

Commercial Spaceflight, We Have a Problem [*9]

“Crisis” in Availability of Wireless Spectrum Is a Myth [*10]

The Whip-Science, July 30, 2010


Western Diet Link to ADHD, Australian Study Finds [*1]

Science Turns Authoritarian [*2]

Rabbits grow their own joint replacements in study [*3] — Go Rabbits!

Why “science” has a problem [*4]

Anatomy of a Microburst [*5]

Is a stiff hamstring more susceptible to a strain? [*6]

The Whip-The News, July 30, 2010

Three (possible) sections in the News Whip(s): World News, National News, and Heartland News (Heartland being defined as my home territory–from Kansas City north to South Dakota). World News

Russia clamps down on Internet, Google frowns [*1]

King of Discount: Aldi Founder Theo Albrecht Dies [*2]

How to Win Turkey [*3]

Time to throw Afghanistan under the bus? [*4]

Wikileaks exposed hundreds of Afghan informants [*5] — People will die because of Wikileaks, and the person or people responsible for leaking the secret military information. Turns out there is a reason why some things aren’t instantly made public. Turns out doing that can get people killed. Turns out Julian Assange, the head dimwit of Wikileaks, doesn’t care about that. Doesn’t care enough, anyway. Would “accessory to murder” be too harsh?

Murphy Rides Again [*6]

Blind Men and Elephants [*7]

National News

Rasmussen: Support For Border Fence Up To 68% [*8]

Three Silver Linings in the Bad Arizona Court Decision [*9]

Dipping and Deflating–A double-dip recession now appears all too probable, likely tipping the U.S. economy into deflation [*10] — As far as I can tell, deflation is mainly a threat to the Ruling Class. For everyone else, prices going down may not be such a bad thing (even if wages go down at the same rate). Deflation encourages saving–think about it. If your $1 will be worth #1.05 next year (5% deflationary rate) does it make sense to frivolously spend your money on crap, or only buy stuff you really need? With inflation, the equation is reversed–inflation tells people not to save at all, but to buy as much as they can right now–even if they have to borrow to do it. Which, it seems to me, is how we got into the mess we’re in in the first place.

AP survey: A bleaker outlook for economy into 2011 [*11] — Hope! Change! Economic carnage as far as the eye can see! It’s ALL good!

No Court Ruling Can Stop Crazy Joe Arpaio [*12]

Video: University makes diploma contingent on supporting gay rights? [*13]

Will Obama’s Deficit Commission Call for $26.7 Trillion Tax Increase? [*14]

Helplessness and Anarchy [*15]

Damn: NV Senate Race Moved From “Toss Up” To “Leans Democratic” By…Hitler’s Own Pollster [*16]

Mounting U.S. Debt Makes Fiscal Crisis More Likely [*17]

Where Has All The Oil Gone? [*18]

Durable goods orders drop 1% in June [*19]

CBO: Risk of crisis growing with higher debt levels [*20]

Age is Not the Only Number for Social Security [*21]

VIDEO: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) Tells MSNBC Where to Cut [*22]

The Whip-The Ruling Class, July 30, 2010

As I described in the previous post,, the Ruling Class is composed of people who simply think it is their right (if not their duty) to tell other people how to run their lives, and the People Class is composed of people who just want to get on with their own lives and don’t have that urge to tell other people what to do. These Whips document the various activities of the Ruling Class.

And they’re very, very, very active, unfortunately. Did the WaPo “Top Secret America” project succeed? [*1]

Sherrod Hints At Obama Being An Uncle Tom [*2] — Shirley’s husband, that is, who it seems is a ‘piece of work.’

Shirley Sherrod To Sue Breitbart [*3] — And if I were Breitbart, I’d be talking to my lawyers about a counter-claim that Sherrod is engaged in a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation-SLAPP. And California, where Breitbart resides, has a very robust anti-SLAPP law.

JournoList And The Vast Left-Right Wing Conspiracies [*4]

What Judge Bolton’s Injunction Doesn’t Say [*5]

Fake “Tea Party” Democratic operatives fail my smell test! [*6] — Yeah, another one. Michigan, this time.

Why we ignored two huge stories–In the last two weeks, two major newspapers reported two major stories, but Americans mostly yawned [*7] — Reason #4? “They didn’t play into the current political narratives.” In other words, they inconveniently ran counter to the political spin we were doing, so we ignored them. No political bias there. Nope. None at all.

Political operatives on Journolist worked to shape news coverage [*8]

The Progressive Inverted Tongue (PIT) [*9]

DNCC still whistling past the graveyard of Nov. election [*10]

Democrat Civil War: Time to Turn to the Capo di tutti Capi? [*11]

Science Turns Authoritarian [*12]

Time Magazine Confesses: Rush Is Right! [*13]

The View from the top: Obama tries to woo back women voters [*14]

Surprise: Federal Judge Upholds University’s ‘No Christians Allowed’ Policy [*15]

M Is For Machiavelli [*16]

The DEMOCRAT Anthem [*17]

Democratic Message: We May Be Incompetent, But They’re Crazy [*18] — And the Republican response: “Actually, the Democrats are incompetent AND crazy. We’re just crazy.”

More Democrat Tea Party Fail [*19] — “They. Got. Nothing.”

Dems’ new midterm message: These tea-party wingnuts have captured the GOP [*20]

And Now, For Something Completely Different… [*21] — The phrase “beclowning himself” comes to mind . . .

David Horowitz Runs Pro-Israel Ad on Olbermann Show; Kos Kids Freak Out [*22]

Susan R. Bolton Hands GOP A(nother) Campaign Issue [*23]

From Book Publishers to the Media: The Left’s Crusade to End Debate [*24]

Empire of Silence: Journolist, Breitbart, and what the Left doesn’t say [*25]

Barney Frank’s one dollar fare conundrum and the ruling class [*26]

Report: Meeting on ethics charges involving Rangel’s lawyers may have been, er, unethical [*27]

IRS Continues to Use ‘Tax Protester’ Label Despite Congressional Prohibition [*28]

House Democratic Memo Is Another Blow to J Street [*29]

In July, ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann‘ Saw Lowest Viewership Since April 2008 [*30]

Pigford v. Glickman: 86,000 claims from 39,697 total farmers? [*31]

Helplessness and Anarchy [*32]

Breaking: Judge Blocks Part Of AZ Immigration Law [*33]

JournoList: Bias Leads to Recklessness [*34]

Obama Has A “G” Problem [*35]

A demotion for Nancy Pelosi? Part One [*36]

Our Divisive President: Barack Obama promised a new era of post-partisanship. In office, he’s played racial politics and further split the country along class and party lines. [*37]

Guess who’s handling Rangel’s defense? [*38]

Serious Journalists Feel Betrayed By Klein’s JournoList, But Do Nothing About It [*39]

House Democrats Head for Thumping at the Polls [*40]

DISCLOSE act defeated … for now [*41]

Promises, promises, promises … [*42]

An old argument revisited [*43]

ObamaCare: The Government’s Rationing Toolbox Exposed [*44]

Is Photography in Public Illegal? [*45]

If A Republican With A Racist Spouse Was Promoted By The WH, Would It Be News? [*46]

New Black Panther Case Takes Bipartisan Twist; Democrat Asks Holder to Review [*47]

Clintonista Rendell: Obama May Be Primaried In 2012 [*48]

My Apology to Shirley Sherrod — Withdrawn [*49]

Fiscal Effects of Government Spending, Or: What Macroeconomists Don’t Know [*50]

Like Pigfords At A Trough [*51]

Why does Franken fear oversight? [*52]

The Economist on Overcriminalization [*53]

The Misguided Right On Issues Of Race [*54]

Mike Pence: No, TurboTax Tim, The Country Cannot “Withstand” Tax Hikes [*55]

Collins a no, Lieberman a miss on DISCLOSE vote; Update: Brown says no; Update: Snowe says no — and Feinstein, too; Update: Cloture fails, 57-41 [*56]

Barney behaves badly [*57]

Full Sherrod Video: Violence Against Cops, Judges And Lawyers? [*58]

JournoList: No Absence Of Malice [*59]

The Whip-The People Class, July 30, 2010

This Whip category pertains to what I call the People Class–my name for the “Country Class” as identified by retired Boston University professor Angelo M. Codevilla in his influential essay America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution[*1] .

This would be the “us” as opposed to the “them” of the Ruling Class. The difference is that people in the People Class don’t want to run anyone else’s life–they just want to be free to run their own lives to the best of their abilities. The people in the Ruling Class think that they’re qualified to tell the rest of us how to run their lives–up to and including demanding that the People Class give money to the Ruling Class because they’re somehow “owed” some kind of reparations to make things more “fair.” So yes, the Angry Poor are, in fact, part of the Ruling Class, not of the People Class, in that they think they have the right to order other people to provide for their “needs.”

This is the fundamental political issue of our time–despite what the journalists and “opnion-makers” (but I repeat myself) in the Ruling Class would have you believe.

The issue IS the Ruling Class, and more specifically, how long the People Class will continue to put up with their increasingly shrill and unreasonable demands. Cover Photo for Governor Palin’s New Book Revealed [*2]

VAT Time? A money machine that conservatives shouldn’t oppose. [*3]

“Guerrilla Economics” Coming to [*4]

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Should Go–It’s time to let gays serve openly in the military [*5] — Nobody’s asking you to like it . . . but if you liked everything everyone else said, we wouldn’t need a First Amendment either, would we? This is where the pro-gay people trip up. Yeah, gay people should be perfectly free–but so should everyone else, and that means tolerating the civil expression of disapproval–of speech, of political orientation, of sexual orientation. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. You can’t have “gay rights” without at the same time allowing other people the right to approve or disapprove as their consciences direct. That’s called freedom, and that’s why freedom is not easy, and must be constantly defended.

Liberty or Tyranny in 2010: Support the Rightward, Most Viable Candidate [*6]

The Great Economics Smackdown [*7]

Krugman contra Hayek [*8]

California’s fiscal crisis provides a stark look at the difference between today’s left and right [*9]

The choice [*10]

NEED INPUT: Was there ever a time when you had to call out someone you liked very much for doing something very bad? [*11]

A Liberaltarian Reader [*12] — “Liberaltarians” are, I fear, a bit like unicorns . . . very pretty, nice to think about, but don’t really exist in the real world. At least until we re-redefine the word “liberal” to mean what it once did–what we now call “classical liberal.” Libertarians need to stop calling themselves “libertarians” and start calling themselves what they are: Freedom-centrists.

A Liberaltarian Reader? [*13] On the Set of Atlas Shrugged – 53 Years in the Making [*14]

Swapping a VAT for failing income tax is good policy [*15]

Year of the Tea Party Voter: Republicans are winning over voters who are disgruntled with both parties. [*16]

November Starts Now — Obama’s 3:00 AM Fail [*17]

If This Doesn’t Motivate You For November, Nothing Will [*18]

My finger on the Gingrich lever? (A hypothetical doomsday scenario which gives me nightmares…) [*19]

A Rhee of Hope: Will Michelle Rhee fix D.C.’s notoriously dysfunctional school system? [*20]

Right to Work Is a Winning Political Issue [*21]

Restoring Honor Rally – New Video [*22]

Institute for Justice: The Power of One Entrepreneur Campaign [*23]

The Whip, July 26, 2010

Wolfe’s lost road: Discovering an author’s personal essay on J.R.R. Tolkien [*1]

Wolfe’s (essay) says that The Lord of the Rings taught him that right and wrong can be absolutes, and that absolute moral equivalency is another piece of Mordor. In addition, it taught him that “progress” is not necessarily progressive, and with change comes inevitable loss.

The difference between knowledge and wisdom is also a feature of Tolkien’s greatest work. The “progressives” confuse knowledge with wisdom. This is their great weakness. They believe that intricate and complicated concepts must be correct, because they’re hard to understand. Conservatives believe that intricate and complicated concepts are best judged with deep suspicion, and that the basic truths are actually quite simple to comprehend. The “right thing to do” is often difficult to actually do, by we imperfect humans in this imperfect world, but it is often quite simple to understand. Ex-Moran Campaign Chief Endorses Tiahrt [*2] — While riding around in the car and listening to the radio, my wife and I suddenly started lampooning the vicious advertising battle between Moran and Tiahrt for the Republican nomination to run for U.S. Senate from Kansas:

“Todd Tiahrt lives in WASHINGTON!
“Jerry Moran said he could WORK WITH OBAMA!
“Todd Tiahrt ran an ad saying that Jerry Moran could WORK WITH OBAMA!
“Jerry Moran sleeps with farm animals!
“Todd Tiahrt is a WEREWOLF!
“Jerry Moran is a VAMPIRE!
“Todd Tiahrt drinks puppies after he grinds them up in blenders!
“Jerry Moran kills and eats his entire family every single night!
“Todd Tiahrt is building a network of secret gas chambers in western Kansas to exterminate moderate Republicans in order to take over the party!
“Jerry Moran is the illegitimate son of Kim Jung Il, has nuclear weapons, and is threatening South Korea and Japan with NU-CU-LAR ANNIHILATION!


For the record, if I lived in Kansas, I’d probably vote for Tiahrt–mainly because it appears to me that Moran started the disingenuous mud-slinging with his slimy insinuation that he lived in Kansas, while Tiahrt “lived in Washington!” Uh, duh, Jerry, he’s in the House of Representatives. As are you. Hypocrite.

Right Online interview: Herman Cain [*3]

How To Get Rid Of Racism [*4]

“Stop talking about it. I’ll stop calling you a white man. You stop calling me a black man.”

Sherrod: “We Must Stop The White Man And His Uncle Toms …” [*5] — That’s Charles Sherrod, Shirley’s wife. When this is over, the “progressives” are going to wish they’d left this can of worms unopened . . . in the wise words of Morgan Freeman: “Stop talking about it.”

The Afghanistan Leaks:
The Wikileaks Afghanistan War Leak Page [*6]
The Helpless Germans: War Logs Illustrate Lack of Progress in Bundeswehr Deployment [*7]
Task Force 373 and Targeted Assassinations: US Elite Unit Could Create Political Fallout for Berlin [*8]
Documents allege Pakistan secretly backed Taliban [*9]
Afghanistan war logs: Massive leak of secret files exposes truth of occupation [*10]
Afghanistan: The War Logs [*11]
W.H. condemns ‘irresponsible’ leaks, dismisses stories [*12] — Predictably, it’s all Bush’s fault.
WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange on the ‘War Logs’: ‘I Enjoy Crushing Bastards’ [*13] — I wonder if Obama didn’t order the “leak” of these documents. I wonder . . .
Wikileaks document dump exposes what everyone knows about Af-Pak war [*14]

War is an ugly, nasty, brutal business. War against an utterly amoral enemy is even worse. I’m not particularly shocked by anything that’s been released so far. It’s a sad commentary on the unreality of the “reality-based community” as well as the population at large that the military leadership thought that so much of this needed to be kept secret. Of course, “loose lips sink ships” and as the JournoList scandal shows, there are lots and lots of people who really don’t care who gets hurt as long as they win their own domestic political battles.

That’s what this massive leak is about. It’s about forcing Obama to get out of Afghanistan, by shaming him into doing it. Any outrage over the actual contents of the leak are a poor second to that overarching political goal. Always remember that when looking at reports stemming from the leaks.

Illegitimi non carborundum [*15] — As we go forward, we need to be of good cheer. Hey . . . the Cheerful Revolution . . . maybe that will catch on?

Climate Craziness of the Week: Grist uses Scientific American to highlight voluntary human extinction and GW fears [*16] — See, civilian casualties in a war zone are unfortunate, but they happen. This sort of thing is just sick.

Jabs at Sarah Palin only make her more endearing [*17]

Down This Gravel Road: A Look at Contemporary Rural Fantasy [*18] — I did not know there was such a thing as “contemporary rural fantasy.” Urban fantasy, now, that I’m down with–that encompasses the sympathetic/pathetic vampire genre and the Jim Butcher The Dresden Files kind of books. But contemporary rural fantasy? That seems a rather . . . fragmented market slice to me.

Feet and Shoes across cultures [*19]

Journolist debates making its coordination with Obama explicit [*20]

My Writer’s Block Rant [*21]

The Unpresidential President: Barack Obama has managed a rare feat: The longer he holds office, the more he diminishes in stature. [*22]

Lewis, Carson, Cleaver and the phantom n-word [*23]

Soroswood: The Intersection of Politics and Hollywood Propaganda, Part 1 [*24] — It is far past time to shine the cleansing light of publicity on George Soros and his Machiavellian manipulation of the American political system . . .

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Government-Run Insurance Option Is Inevitable [*25] — They won’t quit, you know . . .

Our Totalitarian Regulatory Bureaucracy [*26]

It may sound shocking to some, but modern-day America compares “favorably” to fascist Germany of the 1930s with regard to the degree to which the state interferes with and controls economic activity. First of all, government expenditures at all levels of government account for about 40 percent of national income. It differs by a few percentage points, year by year, but it has been in the 40 percent range in the past few years. This doesn’t count all of the off-budget government agencies that exist at the federal, state, and local levels of government as James Bennett and I documented in our book, Underground Government: The Off-Budget Public Sector[*27] . If this is included, government expenditures as a percentage of national income would be at least 45 percent, which is not so far from the 53 percent in Nazi Germany that Hayek alluded to.

None dare call it fascism.

More States “Competitive” in Terms of Party Identification: Democrats lose ground, while Republicans gain [*28]

Gallup: Democrats lose ground in state polls [*29] — Ed Morrissey analysis of the above . . .

Self-Reliance: Better Than Government Dependence [*30] — We live, unfortunately, in a world where the obvious must be forcefully stated and re-stated over and over again, lest people be led astray by liars, cheats, and thugs . . .