The Whip-The News, July 30, 2010

Three (possible) sections in the News Whip(s): World News, National News, and Heartland News (Heartland being defined as my home territory–from Kansas City north to South Dakota). World News

Russia clamps down on Internet, Google frowns [*1]

King of Discount: Aldi Founder Theo Albrecht Dies [*2]

How to Win Turkey [*3]

Time to throw Afghanistan under the bus? [*4]

Wikileaks exposed hundreds of Afghan informants [*5] — People will die because of Wikileaks, and the person or people responsible for leaking the secret military information. Turns out there is a reason why some things aren’t instantly made public. Turns out doing that can get people killed. Turns out Julian Assange, the head dimwit of Wikileaks, doesn’t care about that. Doesn’t care enough, anyway. Would “accessory to murder” be too harsh?

Murphy Rides Again [*6]

Blind Men and Elephants [*7]

National News

Rasmussen: Support For Border Fence Up To 68% [*8]

Three Silver Linings in the Bad Arizona Court Decision [*9]

Dipping and Deflating–A double-dip recession now appears all too probable, likely tipping the U.S. economy into deflation [*10] — As far as I can tell, deflation is mainly a threat to the Ruling Class. For everyone else, prices going down may not be such a bad thing (even if wages go down at the same rate). Deflation encourages saving–think about it. If your $1 will be worth #1.05 next year (5% deflationary rate) does it make sense to frivolously spend your money on crap, or only buy stuff you really need? With inflation, the equation is reversed–inflation tells people not to save at all, but to buy as much as they can right now–even if they have to borrow to do it. Which, it seems to me, is how we got into the mess we’re in in the first place.

AP survey: A bleaker outlook for economy into 2011 [*11] — Hope! Change! Economic carnage as far as the eye can see! It’s ALL good!

No Court Ruling Can Stop Crazy Joe Arpaio [*12]

Video: University makes diploma contingent on supporting gay rights? [*13]

Will Obama’s Deficit Commission Call for $26.7 Trillion Tax Increase? [*14]

Helplessness and Anarchy [*15]

Damn: NV Senate Race Moved From “Toss Up” To “Leans Democratic” By…Hitler’s Own Pollster [*16]

Mounting U.S. Debt Makes Fiscal Crisis More Likely [*17]

Where Has All The Oil Gone? [*18]

Durable goods orders drop 1% in June [*19]

CBO: Risk of crisis growing with higher debt levels [*20]

Age is Not the Only Number for Social Security [*21]

VIDEO: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) Tells MSNBC Where to Cut [*22]