Is MSNBC Racist?

So, why did MSNBC refuse to show a single speech at Tuesday night’s Republican National Convention that was given by a person who was a “minority?”[*1]

Could it possibly be that “the narrative” is more important to MSNBC than the truth is?

And if true, then what conclusion should a reasonable person reach about that network’s commitment to equal rights, let alone simple honesty?

Who are the racists in America today, really? The ones who are trying to build the country, create jobs for their neighbors, and generally just get on with their lives, or the ones who continually hear “dog whistles” that nobody with sense can hear?

Poverty is returning to Europe

Unilever sees ‘return to poverty’ in Europe[*1] from the UK’s Telegraph newspaper:

“Poverty is returning to Europe,” Jan Zijderveld, the head of Unilever’s European business told the Financial Times Deutschland in an interview.

“If a consumer in Spain only spends €17 when they go shopping, then I’m not going to be able to sell them washing powder for half of their budget.”

The inevitable result of the welfare-state form of democracy as practiced in Europe, and as advocated by the Democratic Party of the United States, is poverty for the masses and outrageous wealth (harvested from those masses) for the elites.


(And yeah, plenty of Republicans of the Establishment variety want to hop on the elite-harvester gravy train, too. This is precisely what the Tea Party types want to stop and reverse.)

Remember that the next time a reporter from the Media-Democrat Complex sneers at the Tea Party.

Thought for the day

Seen on a comment to this blog post[*1] :

“Pray to God, but swim to shore.”

Now, I’m pretty a-religionist (as opposed to agnostic or atheist), but it seems to me that we would be better off if everyone concentrated on the “swim to shore” part and less on the “Pray to God” (or “Beg to the Gov’ment”) or just generally expecting something or somebody else to swoop in and save you from your own bad fortune, incompetence, and stupidity.

And make no mistake, we all–every one of us–take turns with bad luck, with incompetence, with doing stupid things. It’s called “being human.” It hasn’t changed in the 5,000 years of recorded human history, and there is no reason (contra Marx and Obama) that it will change any time soon.

Deal with the world–and with people–as they actually are, not how you wish them to be.

Three things

Neil Armstrong has died.[*1] He has made the final giant leap.

Democrats have to impersonate “Republican” women with Democrat activists in a hate-ad against Republicans.[*2] Isn’t it weird how often Democrats have to impersonate Republicans? It’s almost like you can’t believe anything Democrats say about Republicans, isn’t it?

All nine of the street victims of the New York shooting incident were shot by the police,[*3] not the “perp.” Someone needs to remind them that “gun control” properly refers to where you’re aiming.