Wrong, and More Wrong

You may think that it is wrong to withhold services to someone because you disagree with their lifestyle, and that disagreement may rise to the level of a religious conviction.

In Christianity (somewhat unique among the major religions), a major tenet is “hate the sin but love the sinner.”

Is it wrong then to withhold your services?

From a crass commercial, economic standpoint, it’s a rather silly and short-sighted thing to do, and I think there’s little disagreement on that point.

But those errors in judgment (if they are errors in judgment) pale in comparison to the vitriolic, frenzied, mindless hate spewed towards anyone who dares to make those rather minor errors.

Threatening someone with social ostracism, shunning, and violence is an entirely different, and more serious level of social transgression than is simply withholding services to someone you do not wish to serve.

What are you doing?


They Broke The Blog!

My hosting provider upgraded PHP. That’s good, right?

Not when it breaks the blog software which, admittedly, I have not been terribly diligent in upgrading lately.

So now I’m running beta code.


Anyway, it’s ugly, but it’s working, for certain definitions of working. And when I get time to pretty it up, I shall do so.

Whew. Now to go fix the blog side of sdsufans.com . . .

The right to say “no”

No means no, right?

Well, unless a gay couple asks you to make them a wedding cake.

In that instance, no means hate.

Or so we are told by the shrieking media lynch mobs of the Social Justice Warriors.