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This one’s delightfully lame:

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I’m sure Dr. Dave Balkissoon at would appreciate as much e-mail as you all e-mail scrapers can manage to send him. Enjoy . . .

The Whip, July 27, 2010

I’m going to a new Whip format here for a while. Back to categories, with perhaps a lead comment/rant/editorial on things that really get me going. Today, that’s nothing much. But, onward, to the Whip! LIBERTY
Congressman introduces resolution to protect citizens who videotape cops [*1]

Sherrod Story False [*2]

Argument By Graffiti [*3]

How Smart Are We? [*4]

Why “me first” in the market is different from “me first” in entitlements [*5]

The Two Great Classes in Contemporary America [*6]

Trotsky: The Ignorance and the Evil [*7]

The Unpresidential President: Barack Obama has managed a rare feat: The longer he holds office, the more he diminishes in stature. [*8]

GOP starting to worry about Angle’s campaign against Reid [*9]

The Afghan War Docs Leak: Who Benefits? [*10]

Harry the Hypocrite [*11]

Elton John: Artists Who Boycott Arizona Are ‘(Expletive) Twits’ [*12]

Senator Kerry When Faced With Yacht Questions: “Can I Get Out of Here, Please?” [*13] — Maybe he’d just like to be left alone to eat his waffle . . .

Enough Leftist Apologizing, Let the New Black Panther Party Attorneys Testify [*14]

Getting beyond racism through racial socialism [*15]

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost, Thank God [*16]

Video: Paul Ryan’s argument with Matthews on spending goes pretty much how you’d expect [*17]

Shirley Sherrod: Cultural Marxism disguised as multiculturalism [*18]

Athwart History: A word from Roger Kimball [*19]

Stop the madness before it’s too late! [*20]

BIZARRE: “Experts” can’t find where the oil went in the Gulf. Did it just get Hope and Changed away? [*21]

Pawlenty: 2012 will come down to credibility and emotional connection [*22]

Why Governor Palin is a Superstar [*23]

Radical-in-chief [*24]

Dems fear GOP oversight of Obama administration [*25]

GOP up 10 in Rasmussen Congressional ballot [*26]

Obama hits lowest quarterly approval rating yet in Gallup surveys [*27]

Another Obama supporter finds “disappointment” [*28]

JournoList Sinks Lower [*29]

Journolist Lite: How conservatives do it [*30]

Heroes of Journolist: Dan Froomkin, James Surowiecki, Jeffrey Toobin, Michael Tomasky — and founder Ezra Klein [*31] — “Heroes” being a very, very, very relative term . . .

Journolist list scandal proves media bias [*32]

What is Mr. Times saying?[*33]

New home sales soar to … [*34]

Sioux Falls sales tax revenue up 6% [*35]

The Unlimited Power of Suppressing the Interest Rate [*36]

Should the Fed Pump Even More? [*37]

Turkey Going Nuclear – A Game Changer [*38]

Wikileaks’ Afghanistan War Log vs. the Pentagon Papers [*39]

WikiLeaks and the New York Times [*40]

A burka ban would suck more than the burka [*41] — I dunno . . . a burka in the middle of a nice hot Kansas City July afternoon would suck pretty bad . . .

Wikileaks comments on their political bias [*42] — Of course, they don’t think they have a bias. Where have we heard that before?

Is WikiLeaks a Blessing or Curse for Democracy? [*43] — is democracy a blessing or a curse? Or, perhaps, both at the same time?

The Fermi Paradox, Phase Changes and Intergalactic Colonisation: A new model shows how the spread of ET civilisations can undergo phase changes, providing a deeper insights into the Fermi Paradox [*44]

9 “Harmless” Habits That Age You [*45]

New peer reviewed paper refutes claims of blizzards of last winter being driven by “global warming” [*46]

Fusion – A New Hope? [*47]

GISS Swiss Cheese [*48] — Or, cherry-picking your data. Hmm . . . cherries and swiss cheese . . . hmm . . .

Segmentation Is the Secret Behind the Extraordinary Diversification of Animals [*49]

Step Changes in Science Blog Climate [*50]

Apple Updates iMacs With Intel’s i3, i5, i7 Processors [*51]

Ethics Questions Raised Over I-470 Repair Contract [*52] — The Big Hole in Kansas City . . .

The Burden of the Smart Protagonist [*53]

“Give us more money, or your Granny gets it!”

The Democrats’ battle cry, in a nutshell.They are pushers–drug dealers–and the drug they push is dependency on government. They hook people on the drug. Then they can control them. They have no interest in making people better–making people able to live their own lives.  All of their activities are focused on depriving people of the ability to live their own lives and instead making them dependent on “people who know better” to “take care of them.”
That’s what they do–that’s who they are.  All the bluster and blather in the world from Obama and his enablers in the media won’t change who they are. Their “fairness” is the fairness of the feedlot.

“Tax The Rich” Continued

Via TigerHawk[*1] this graph from American Thinker[*2] :

The top 1% of taxpayers pay more income taxes than the bottom 95% of taxpayers. This, to some people is not fair. To those people, the 1% should actually pay more taxes. Um . . . uh . . . yeah . . . right . . . (questions regarding the color of the sky in the world of those people begin to come to one’s lips . . .)

So, tell me again how the rich are getting richer on the backs of the poor, and not paying their fair share . . .

And tell me why you keep lying to me, everyone else you say that to, and most of all to yourself?

Whip, July 7, 2011

Yesterday’s Whip brought back fond memories. Let’s do it again.


The Essential Rules Of Liberty [*1] “PROGRESSIVES” AND OTHER ANTI-LIBERALS

‘That’s Racist’: The accusation becomes a punch line. [*2]

Ruthless People–Libs to Ginsburg: Drop dead. [*3]

Extortion, the Left, and the Make-Work Fallacy [*4]


Obscure balk rule under the microscope after Royals’ defeat[*5]


Apartment-Dwellers Can Still Get In On July 4th Smores Fun [*6]

California Dreamin’ of Secession [*7] — That’s secession of southern California from the rest of the disaster area which is the “Golden State”

Power To the People [*8] — the “smart grid” is coming, and you may not be completely happy with the result . . .

Driest place on Earth: Atacama desert in Chile buried under feet of snow [*9]

Should Schools Still Teach Cursive? [*10]

Quote of the week – CRU is now a candidate for publication in the Journal of Irreproducible Results [*11] — Wherein we consider the difference between “science” and “literature” . . .


Why Hayek should have been an anarchist [*12]


I’m Willing to Go Along with President Obama’s “Balanced Approach” to Deficit Reduction, but Only if We Use Honest Math [*13]

Your complete guide to the history of financial crisis [*14]

Reasons to Support City Rail Plan: 1) Let’s Get Moving 2) It’s Time 3) This Is a Legitimate Plan [*15] — Actually, this comprehensively summarizes in minute detail the intricate intellectual foundations underlying most governmental programs . . .

Obama Tuesday: “Leave Political Rhetoric At The Door” . . . Obama Wednesday: “The GOP Should Not Use Debt Ceiling Fight used as a gun against the heads of the American people” [*16] — Why does any honest person think that somebody who acts like this can be negotiated with?

Want new sources of revenue? [*17] — An Instapundit modest proposal . . .

Cantor: GOP willing to talk about closing tax loopholes in debt negotiations [*18]

WOLF: ‘No drama’ Obama losing his cool–White House shows early signs of re-election panic [*19] — Obama’s cousin, a Kansas doctor, is not a fan . . .

Did Obama lie about White House salaries in Twitter town hall? [*20] — When exactly does Obama not lie?

Dozens of law professors: PROTECT IP Act is unconstitutional [*21] — If you’re on the Internet, you care about this issue, even if you don’t know about it, yet.

‘Fast & Furious’ gets hotter for Holder [*22]

Fact Check: Obama wrong on tax rates [*23]

Thinking Outside the Box: Let’s Lower the Debt Ceiling [*24]

Do we really have a revenue problem? [*25] — Short answer: no.

Deal? Boehner Says 50-50 For Debt Increase Deal By Saturday [*26]

“I cannot guarantee that those checks go out”

Said by President Obama on this CBS News[*1] video clip (click the link to view–the actual video’s embed code seems to be horked).

Well, Mr. President, you were hired to manage the resources of the American people which were diverted into the Federal Government. Your statement says one of two things about you (and these are the only two possibilities–you don’t get a margin for error when you sit in the Oval Office, you know):

1: You do not think that sending out Veteran’s checks, Social Security checks, and disability checks are high-priority tasks of the Federal Government, and that all other activities that continue functioning after the Federal Government hits the “debt ceiling” are more important than sending out those benefit checks, or:

2: If you do in fact think that disbursing those benefit checks are important, then you have failed to manage the Federal Government to ensure that sufficient resources were available to these important programs–if necessary giving them budgetary preference to other, less important programs. This is what executives do, Mr. President. They make decisions, given limited resources. But you wouldn’t know that, would you, having never actually held an executive position before in your life. The budget you actually did submit to Congress was resoundingly rejected–it did not receive a single assenting vote even in a Senate held by your own political party. In essence, you were told to go back, do it over, and get it right this time. You have failed to do so. You have failed to faithfully discharge the duties of your office. You have violated your Oath of Office.

If 1: is true, and you should follow through on your threat to withhold Social Security, veterans, or disability checks to qualified individuals, then you have no standing in the future to suggest that you care about the recipients of those checks in any shape, manner, or form, because you have manifestly demonstrated with your actions that you have no regard for them whatsoever. They will judge your job performance on that basis in November, 2012, or

If 2: is true, then it is a frank admission that you are unable to competently execute (the verb root of “executive”) the powers of the Office of the President of the United States. Thank you for your belated clarity regarding your competency for the position you now hold.

The Oval Office is no place for on-the-job training.

On behalf of the American people, I hereby request and demand your immediate resignation.

Personally, I believe that you actually hold both positions 1 and 2. I don’t think you actually give a tinker’s damn about the people who receive government benefit checks, except so far as you think you can buy or cajole their votes by the carrot or the stick. I don’t think you are at all competent to be President of the United States. I do not think you possess the proper set of skills and temperament to be successful in that office. I do not think you have the capability to acquire those skills and temperament.

I believe the your tenure in the office up until now has demonstrated that you are a cynical, craven individual seized with power-lust who would do, and has done, anything to gain and to hold onto power.