The Whip, July 27, 2010

I’m going to a new Whip format here for a while. Back to categories, with perhaps a lead comment/rant/editorial on things that really get me going. Today, that’s nothing much. But, onward, to the Whip! LIBERTY
Congressman introduces resolution to protect citizens who videotape cops [*1]

Sherrod Story False [*2]

Argument By Graffiti [*3]

How Smart Are We? [*4]

Why “me first” in the market is different from “me first” in entitlements [*5]

The Two Great Classes in Contemporary America [*6]

Trotsky: The Ignorance and the Evil [*7]

The Unpresidential President: Barack Obama has managed a rare feat: The longer he holds office, the more he diminishes in stature. [*8]

GOP starting to worry about Angle’s campaign against Reid [*9]

The Afghan War Docs Leak: Who Benefits? [*10]

Harry the Hypocrite [*11]

Elton John: Artists Who Boycott Arizona Are ‘(Expletive) Twits’ [*12]

Senator Kerry When Faced With Yacht Questions: “Can I Get Out of Here, Please?” [*13] — Maybe he’d just like to be left alone to eat his waffle . . .

Enough Leftist Apologizing, Let the New Black Panther Party Attorneys Testify [*14]

Getting beyond racism through racial socialism [*15]

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost, Thank God [*16]

Video: Paul Ryan’s argument with Matthews on spending goes pretty much how you’d expect [*17]

Shirley Sherrod: Cultural Marxism disguised as multiculturalism [*18]

Athwart History: A word from Roger Kimball [*19]

Stop the madness before it’s too late! [*20]

BIZARRE: “Experts” can’t find where the oil went in the Gulf. Did it just get Hope and Changed away? [*21]

Pawlenty: 2012 will come down to credibility and emotional connection [*22]

Why Governor Palin is a Superstar [*23]

Radical-in-chief [*24]

Dems fear GOP oversight of Obama administration [*25]

GOP up 10 in Rasmussen Congressional ballot [*26]

Obama hits lowest quarterly approval rating yet in Gallup surveys [*27]

Another Obama supporter finds “disappointment” [*28]

JournoList Sinks Lower [*29]

Journolist Lite: How conservatives do it [*30]

Heroes of Journolist: Dan Froomkin, James Surowiecki, Jeffrey Toobin, Michael Tomasky — and founder Ezra Klein [*31] — “Heroes” being a very, very, very relative term . . .

Journolist list scandal proves media bias [*32]

What is Mr. Times saying?[*33]

New home sales soar to … [*34]

Sioux Falls sales tax revenue up 6% [*35]

The Unlimited Power of Suppressing the Interest Rate [*36]

Should the Fed Pump Even More? [*37]

Turkey Going Nuclear – A Game Changer [*38]

Wikileaks’ Afghanistan War Log vs. the Pentagon Papers [*39]

WikiLeaks and the New York Times [*40]

A burka ban would suck more than the burka [*41] — I dunno . . . a burka in the middle of a nice hot Kansas City July afternoon would suck pretty bad . . .

Wikileaks comments on their political bias [*42] — Of course, they don’t think they have a bias. Where have we heard that before?

Is WikiLeaks a Blessing or Curse for Democracy? [*43] — is democracy a blessing or a curse? Or, perhaps, both at the same time?

The Fermi Paradox, Phase Changes and Intergalactic Colonisation: A new model shows how the spread of ET civilisations can undergo phase changes, providing a deeper insights into the Fermi Paradox [*44]

9 “Harmless” Habits That Age You [*45]

New peer reviewed paper refutes claims of blizzards of last winter being driven by “global warming” [*46]

Fusion – A New Hope? [*47]

GISS Swiss Cheese [*48] — Or, cherry-picking your data. Hmm . . . cherries and swiss cheese . . . hmm . . .

Segmentation Is the Secret Behind the Extraordinary Diversification of Animals [*49]

Step Changes in Science Blog Climate [*50]

Apple Updates iMacs With Intel’s i3, i5, i7 Processors [*51]

Ethics Questions Raised Over I-470 Repair Contract [*52] — The Big Hole in Kansas City . . .

The Burden of the Smart Protagonist [*53]