The Whip (or) Lookie, everyone! A Post!

When you’re too lazy/otherwise occupied to actually post an article, what do you do?

Link dump!

First, links with snark/pithy comment:
Thank Wal-Mart for your new bank card fee [*1] — The title should be: “Thank Wal-Mart And Senator Dick Durban For Your New Bank Card Fee” — it wouldn’t have happened without government intervention in the market.

Gunwalker: Under White House Control?- New documents reveal extensive White House communication with the ATF head behind the scandal. – Like Watergate, except an office break-in is a bit different than handing out guns to killers who then go out and kill, isn’t it?

Sunday Reflection: Changing the Constitution [*2] — I like the idea of banning U.S. Senators from seeking the Presidency . . .

Economic Growth, Not Income Redistribution, Is What Helps Us All [*3] — Well, yes, that’s what has worked since the 1600’s, not that the “progressives” have noticed . . .

Koch Brothers Flout Law With Secret Iran Sales [*4] — A classic, textbook hit piece. See if you can divine the author’s agenda. “Telling the truth” isn’t it. Sans Comment:
Barack Obama: Commute Killer [*5]

Alcohol Is The Enemy Of The Family And Civilization [*6]

New Kindle line to be offered at Best Buy, Staples [*7]

The Clear and Present Danger Posed by Space Captains [*8]

Post-Carbon America: Forget about ‘peak oil’ and global warming. What about two centuries from now, when we’ll really need help? [*9]

It ain’t a Tea Party [*10]

The Epic Fail of the Wall Street Protests [*11]

Blinding Red Lights: An interview with Jay Beeber [*12]

Furiously unraveling: Gun scandal still growing [*13]

Writer’s/SF Corner
National Novel Writing Month [*14] — November.

Running on Batteries: Introverts and Conventions [*15]

Being the Anti-Harry Potter is a Good Thing in Adult Fiction [*16]

Writing SF for Young Readers by Greg R. Fishbone [*17]

A reading list: Generation Ships [*18]

Your reactions to Doctor Who: The Wedding Of River Song [*19]

Does Great Science Require Great Science Fiction? [*20]

Emotional and Intellectual Closure [*21]

Douglas Hulick: Me, Myself, and the IE [*22] — In this context, “Internal Editor”.

Star Trek sequel update [*23]

Injury latest obstacle for SDSU’s Harris: Injured kicker an upbeat presence for 1-4 Jackrabbits[*24]

Beef Bowl wrap [*25]