Shooting the messenger, or the case for an Intervention

So we’re told that the downgrading of the United States government’s credit rating by Standard and Poor’s is because of the Tea Parties.

Uh, yeah.

That’s exactly like the alcoholic (who just spent a drunken night at the casino maxing out his credit card while losing all of his money on “sure thing” plays and burning out his liver with twenty straight shots of tequila) blaming his alcohol poisoning/hangover on his family who are doing the intervention on him to try to save his life.

EXACTLY like that.

The problem isn’t really the credit card debt at all.

The problem is the trip to the casino.

The entire welfare state mentality of the “progressives” is the problem–the idea that you can buy a better society with somebody else’s money. It works, just like alcohol works at first to make you feel better. But eventually, inevitably, the hangover comes, if you go too far with the alcohol. The problem is that for the “progressives,” “too far” is never far enough. There is no problem that can’t be solved with another hit from the bottle. It never enters their mind that at some point, the bottle is empty, and there’s no more money in their pockets to buy another. Because there will always be somebody else who will give them another bottle, or give them the money to buy another fifth.

Won’t there?

The sob story has always worked in the past for the “progressives.” You see, they have a system, a sure thing to beat the casino and hit the jackpot, and all they need is a bit more cash and a bit more time to make it work, and besides they have all those kids at home to feed, and you wouldn’t want kids to go hungry, would you? And until now, they’ve always found someone who will believe them.

The Tea Party people have finally stood up and said: No, you don’t have a system that works. You’re a drunk, and you’re addicted to gambling. You need to get sober, and you need to stay out of casinos. For the rest of your life. Or it will kill you.

The only sure cure for what ails this country–and the entire world–is freedom, and its necessary corollary, personal responsibility. But the drunk “progressives” aren’t ready to hear that, yet. Which means that things will get worse before they begin to get better.