Wrong about power

Democrats. They’re monomaniacally focused on Rich vs. Poor. Rich people are bad. Selfish. Undeserving of their wealth. Thieves. Poor people are poor because the rich have oppressed them. Remove the oppression and everyone will have all their needs and wants met. (This is, parenthetically, straight from communist dogma. But let’s let that go for now.)

The problem isn’t Rich vs. Poor. The problem is The Powerful vs. The Rest Of Us.

Too large a concentration of power–regardless of what form that power takes (money, political power, information power, force of arms–any kind of power) is both intoxicating and inexorably corrupting of those who wield that power.

We see the sorry result of too much money and political power with the current United States Congress, which only thirteen percent of Americans currently approve of.[*1] The Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid-led, Democrat-dominated 111th Congress is, by popular sentiment, the worst Congress ever–well, the worst since Gallup has been asking the question, anyway.

The key concept and unique brilliance of the American Way over all previous political systems ever tried by humanity in history is (or was) the dispersal of political power as widely as was humanly possible, while still holding together a single political unit. Ever since the American Revolution, those who lust after political power have steadily re-assembled the various elements of political power again into a single, unitary government–the exact result the American experiment was intended to prevent. (Bonus question: “Who’s being ‘un-American?'”)

The same people who are so vehemently shouting for the redistribution of wealth, for the rich to “pay their fair share,” should be asked “what about the redistribution of power? What power are YOU, the politically powerful, going to give up to those who have none–the common people, the regular citizens, the people who get up, go to work, and come home every day, just trying to get by in life? What about them?”

Money is not the only form of power. Remember that the next time a Democrat decides to demagogue the “rich vs. poor” issue.