Dear Republicans

We will let you live, politically, for a little while longer.[*1]

We still do not trust you, however. You have the next two years to earn back some small measure of trust from the American People. Your task is to:
Reduce the size of the Federal Government;
begin to balance the Federal Budget;
bring Medicare and Social Security into actuarial sanity.

Do those things, and we will let you retain your political lives beyond 2011.

As for you Democrats . . .

Discover religion, and then pray to whatever deity you find that we might be merciful. Because you will not be forgiven for what you have done to this country.

You will not be forgiven.

Make no mistake . . . while I have voted Republican in the past, my allegiance is not to the Republican Party. My allegiance is to the American people–ALL of the American people. The Democratic Party has long ago betrayed the American people in its quixotic quest for some utopian world that will never be (ruled, of course, by the mandarins of the Democrat/liberal persuasion, naturally). The Republican Party, while suffering from a more garden-variety and venal corruption, has retained–in my opinion, of course–a connection to the real world which the Democratic Party has long ago dispensed with as being banal and inconvenient. The Republicans have always been merely the “Stupid Party.” In the long run, this may, strangely enough, be the thing which saves them from the political death the Democrats have now so richly earned for themselves.

But neither of the two major American political parties are essential to the continued existence, health, safety, and happiness of the American People.

You Can Both Be Replaced. And maybe both of you should be.

Beware the wrath of the American people. You do not own this country. We do. It is well past time that the American people reminded you, in your K-street lobbyist offices and Congressional staffer watering holes and New York newsrooms of this simple fact. It is our country. You simply work here.

And for what you have done to this, the greatest country ever in the history of humanity, You will not be forgiven.