Disparate impact

Yes, the self-imposed ban on political posts does, kinda, still hold.

But criminitdilly (pron. crim-in-it-dilly, meaning roughly “Jesus Christ on an f’ing popsicle stick” but without the scatalogical or blasphemous overtones and hence preferable for use in more polite company) . . .

Criminitdilly, people, it’s utterly obvious that the reason we collectively drove our economy into the ditch is that we somehow got the idea, in the late 1990’s, that it was a good idea to give mortgage loans to people who had no way to pay them back.

This is world-class stupid. Lots of people need to lose their jobs over this. Lots of those people are currently in Congress. Lots of those people are Democrats. And yeah, the Republicans who went along with this madness need to have their asses tossed out onto the street, too.

And, it’s world-class stupid to send good money after bad (well, tax money after bad, but you get my meaning) and tie that to some ridiculous assertion that the Executive Branch knows best and can’t be hauled up in court if they f*** it up further. Now, granted, Congress does a pretty good job of f***ing up things without Executive help, but nobody, NOBODY with an ounce of sense thinks giving the Secretary of the Treasury and the President a blank check to do whatever the hell they want to do is a good idea. Do they?

Eric, at Classical Values[*1] posts more rationally and less emotionally than I do on the topic. Go. Read. Learn. And try not to advocate really stupid things (like socialism) in the future. OK?