Cut the budget! Cut! Cut! Cut!

Who really, really thinks that the U.S. Federal Government isn’t big enough?  President Bush’s proposed FY2009 budget is 3,107 billion dollars, growing to 3,399 billion dollars in FY2013.

The FY2009 deficit is projected to be 407 billion dollars.  Discretionary spending is 1,062 billion, meaning that over 2,000 billion dollars are “non-discretionary.”

That is nuts.

Everything the Federal Government does needs to be considered “discretionary.”  I don’t know what laws you’d have to pass to get this done, but we need to do this.  And anybody who opposes that needs to be run out of government as too irresponsible to ever hold office.  We can’t afford to let 2/3 of the Federal Government’s budget be completely on autopilot, immune from any kind of review or check on waste, fraud, abuse, and governmental bureaucratic business-as-usual.

It’s time to cut.  If the managers in the Federal Government can’t find 10% in their budgets to cut, then we know where to start:  Start firing the managers and getting new ones.