Darfur and Iraq

At the American Spectator, Paul Miller observes [*1] (emphasis added):

In Chicago Congressional lawmakers including Jan Schawkowsky (D-IL) and Danny Davis (D-IL) addressed the crowd calling for the murders in Darfur to stop. Neither of them offered any solutions to the crisis. Like every rally in America featuring leftists speakers, the crowd held signs and made statements criticizing the Bush administration for not doing anything. The fact that President Bush is the only world leader to characterize the tragedy in the Sudan as genocide is completely ignored by a crowd who view hating Bush a priority over saving lives.
. . .
I also must ask the following question to the leftists who claim they are concerned about Darfur. Why are the people of Darfur more important that the people of Iraq? You cry for an end to the tragedy and a few go as far as to call for NATO and UN intervention. But when Saddam Hussein was mass murdering Kurds your voices mostly were silent and adamantly opposed to any military action to save the those massacred men, woman and children.