U.S. and Vietnam

Say what you will about the Americans, but we’re pretty good at turning former bitter enemies into some of our closest allies.

Vietnam may be taking the first steps down that path, as Fred Stakelbeck observes at TCS Daily[*1] :

What was unthinkable only a decade ago has now become reality. The U.S.and Vietnam realize that beyond the shadows of mistrust and suspicion,lie similar aspirations and values which can be used for their mutualbenefit. Vietnam is determined to take its place among other Asiancountries in the global economy, and views the U.S. as a key partnerthat can help it meet its long-term objectives. New geopoliticalrealities, most notably China’s growing influence in Southeast Asia andthe creation of regional alliances such as the Shanghai CooperationOrganization (SCO), will also continue to bring both countries closertogether.

The continuing growth of China’s power makes a more favorable strategic relationship between the U.S. and Vietnam desirable for both sides–possibly moreso for Vietnam than for America.