What came first?

Climate Scientists Face Psychological Problems[*1]

Or is hysteria about “climate change” (or whatever “extreme weather” or whatever the ever-changing scare-word for the ever-changing weather and climate is this week) itself a marker of mental illness?

When science becomes religion (i.e. saying things like “the science is settled” and invoking nonsense like “the precautionary principle”) then science ceases to be science. Science is the very definition of constant, rigorous doubt in, and testing of, one’s own observations, theories, judgments, conclusions.

Religion is faith.

Fanatical religion is faith combined with an unwillingness to even consider any alternatives to the received dogmas and doctrines.

The extreme alarmists among climate “scientists” are not practicing science. They are acting like priests of a religion of mysteries. They might as well be wearing miters and swinging braziers of burning incense, invoking the gods of computer models and the mysteries of highly complex, poorly understood non-linear fluid dynamics to terrify the masses who do not speak the Latin of Science-ese. They worship not science, but power.