Thanksgiving Week

So here we are, Thanksgiving Week, 2014.

Speaking Truth to Power [*1]

For instance, take Mister Obama. I don’t deny that he has the outward appearance of a minority that was very mistreated historically. However,in his particular case, he is not the descendent of slaves but the descendant of slave dealers on his father’s side, and slave owners on his mother’s. Furthermore, for all the clamoring about his coming from nothing, he was raised in privileged circumstances, first in Indonesia, by his mother’s businessman second husband and then in comfort by his grandparents in Hawaii where he attended an exclusive private school and from where, despite his lackluster academic performance, he was wafted to the best schools in the land, likely through the means of connection and influence.

Everything about Obama is built upon lies. Lies upon lies upon lies, prettily told.

Obama to Congress: It’s My Way or My Way [*2]

Why Shouldn’t White House Refund Fees to Recent Legal Immigrants? [*3]

Legal but Still Poor: The Economic Consequences of Amnesty [*4]

Three Lies About Obamacare Jonathan Gruber Accidentally Revealed [*5]

I’d post more Obama lies/scandals/ineptidudes links, but it just gets too damn depressing. For instance:

Iran Talks Fail [*6]

Oh, let’s not forget Global Warming . . . er . . . Climate Change . . . er . . . “Extreme Weather” . . .

People Starting To Ask About Motive For Massive IPCC Deception [*7] – It’s all about the money.

Renewable energy ‘simply WON’T WORK’: Top Google engineers [*8] – It was always about the money, not about the “environment.” Except for the rubes being asked to pay, of course.