Capitalism In One Lesson

Fifteen minutes very well spent, if you want to understand economics (and trust me, you DO want to understand economics).

The narration feels a bit high-school-film-presentation, but that’s really not all bad, is it? If you don’t find something in this video to disagree with, you’re either not listening close enough, or you actually do believe in freedom.

The only real problem with capitalism is that it has never really been tried, anywhere in the world. The only real problem with socialism–in any of its various forms–is that it doesn’t work. Ever. No matter what you call it. No matter who tries it. No matter how good your intentions are. No matter how smart you are, what school you graduated from or what degrees you hold. No matter how many votes you get.

People can’t believe that a truly free society is possible. People also believed that airplanes couldn’t fly. People believe lots of things that are not true. The only way to find out is to try.