The ponderous ship of science begins to turn . . .

. . . away from the increasingly dubious extreme claims of “anthropogenic climate change” and towards honestly looking at the available data–that’s all of the available data–as is required to do good science:

From Anthony Watts’ Watts Up With That blog:

The British government’s chief scientific adviser, John Beddington, has called for more openness in the global warming debate. He said climate scientists should be less hostile to sceptics who questioned man-made global warming. He condemned scientists who refused to publish the data underpinning their reports. He also said public confidence in climate science would be improved if there were more openness about its uncertainties, even if that meant admitting that sceptics had been right on some hotly disputed issues.

This being part of a call for interested scientists to participate in increased online peer review of not only the findings of climate scientists but also a peer review of all of the data underlying those findings. As we are increasingly finding out, those data, when considered in total, do not in fact support the findings that some scientists have asserted that they do.

Needless to say, this isn’t how science is supposed to be done.

More science, less politics, please.