The best argument against public employee unions

Is exactly, precisely the spectacle we have been presented with in Madison, Wisconsin the past week or so.

A special interest pressure group that is firmly convinced of the total moral virtue of its position, demands that the much larger general public bow to its demands–no matter what those demands might be.

A while ago, there was a movie entitled Wag The Dog.

In Madison, Wisconsin, we see the tail of public employee unions attempting to not only wag the dog of the Wisconsin people, but decide which road down which that dog (or badger, as the case may be) will walk.

Further evidence of the moral bankruptcy of the position of the public employee unions is that even Franklin Delano Roosevelt didn’t think that they were a good idea. The guy who implemented the New Deal–who thought that Social Security was a good idea–didn’t think that collective bargaining for government workers was a good idea.

Let that sink in for a minute, before you continue Sharpie-ing the Hitler moustache onto Wisconsin Governor Walker’s picture.

The fact is, the fundamental fact of live of organized labor is an adversarial relationship between the union, purporting to represent “the workers,” and on the other side of the table, “the management.”

But in a working republic based on democratic principles, the ultimate management of the government is the people themselves.

Therefore, a public employee union is by definition in an adversarial relationship with the people–or, in other words, acting in opposition to the public interest. THAT is why public employee unions should never be allowed to exist, and where they currently exist, they should be immediately disbanded.

There is a place for organized labor. There are private companies that do attempt to unfairly exploit workers. But, it must be recognized that public employee unions will always–ALWAYS develop to the point where they attempt to unfairly exploit their employers–the public. This has happened in Wisconsin, and has happened all throughout this country.

Public employee unions today are not the exploited. They are the exploiters.