The Big Civility Lie

Where is the offended outrage from our friends on the left at this ridiculously incivil outburst,[*1] where a Congressmen accuse his fellow House members of being, essentially, members of the German Nazi party of Adolph Hitler? Surely anything that pegs the Godwin’s Law[*2] meter is a textbook example of incivil discourse, isn’t it?

Of course, there will be no expressions of disapproval from the leftist mainstream media or the socialist Democrats. This guy is just saying what they all really think.

The only appropriate, civil response is: BITE ME.[*3]

Playtime is over, dickweeds. You’ve been taking advantage of the better nature and, frankly, the superior morality of your political opponents and victims for far too long.

Guess what? You’ve gone too far.

You have sown the wind, and you shall reap the whirlwind. Dickweeds.

You want civility?

You first.

See, there’s a very, very popular saying and sentiment among the regular people, the Country Class,[*4] the just-plain-folks that you self-styled leftist/”progressive”/elitists so clearly despise. It is:

“Never start a fight. But always finish one.”

Now, my fellow Americans who have nothing but contempt and disdain for so many of your own countrymen . . . would any–ANY of you care to “revise and extend your remarks?”