Thought for the day

Traveling much, posting little lately . . . but had this thought, meditating on the coming Democrat Congressional Extinction Event known as the 2010 Elections:

The job of the politician elected to Congress is two-fold:
First, to resist those policy proposals that the American public express profound disagreement with, and
Second, to resist those policy proposals that the American public expresses profound agreement with, that the particular politician thinks would be a spectacularly bad idea . . .

If the American electorate lets you get away with the latter, then they get the government that they deserve. And so far, they have.

The reality is that it’s not the Republicans that are “The Party of No.” It’s the Democrats who vehemently insist on telling Americans what they cannot do, in areas of life from what kind of toilet they can put in their house, to what kind of food they eat, to how warm they can keep their houses–it is the Democratic Party that has the explicit policy of telling Americans “No, You Can’t Do It The Way You Want To.”

Now, go out and vote. Vote wisely.