Somebody needs to explain to me . . .

Why anyone (other than the most partisan Democrat) would think that Newt Gingrich would be a good Republican Presidential candidate.

Sure, Newt is an idea machine. Some of the ideas he has are even worthy of consideration.

But President? I don’t see it.

Palin? You betcha. The woman knows how to make a decision, and isn’t afraid to make decisions that might not be popular ones, if she thinks those decisions are the best for her country (or state, as the case may be), even if those decisions are to her own political detriment. (And anyone who’s actually, objectively looked at the facts surrounding her resignation as Alaska governor–for instance–will conclude that it was the best decision for the state. Anyone who says otherwise is ignorant, disingenuous, partisan, or some combination of the three.)

But Gingrich? Seriously?