The corrosive nature of racism, and of “RAAAAACISM!”

The Charge of Racism: It’s Time to Bury the Divisive Politics of the Past [*1] — This was part of what “Hope and Change” was all about, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it?

I am saddened by the NAACP’s claim that patriotic Americans who stand up for the United States of America’s Constitutional rights are somehow “racists.” The charge that Tea Party Americans judge people by the color of their skin is false, appalling, and is a regressive and diversionary tactic to change the subject at hand.

President Reagan called America’s past racism “a legacy of evil” against which we have seen the long struggle of minority citizens for equal rights. He condemned any sort of racism, as all good and decent people do today. He also called it a “point of pride for all Americans” that as a nation, we have successfully struggled to overcome this evil. Reagan rightly declared that “there is no room for racism, anti-Semitism, or other forms of ethnic and racial hatred in this country,” and he warned that we must never go back to the racism of our past.
. . .
On this subject, I can recommend the statement issued by a man I was proud to endorse, Tim Scott, the GOP candidate from South Carolina’s First Congressional District. Tim, poised to become the first African-American Republican Congressman from the former Confederacy since Reconstruction, is himself a sign of a hopeful, truly post-racial future for our country. It gives added meaning to his warning that “the NAACP is making a grave mistake in stereotyping a diverse group of Americans who care deeply about their country and who contribute their time, energy and resources to make a difference.”

The only purpose of such an unfair accusation of racism is to dissuade good Americans from joining the Tea Party movement or listening to the common sense message of Tea Party Americans who simply want government to abide by our Constitution, live within its means, and not borrow and spend away our children’s futures. Red and yellow, black and white, this message is precious in all our sights. All decent Americans abhor racism. No one wants to be associated with any organization that is in any way racist in sentiment or origin. I certainly don’t want to be. Thankfully, the Tea Party movement is not racist or motivated by racism. It is motivated by love of country and all that is good and honest about our proud and diverse nation.

Like President Reagan, Tea Party Americans believe that “the glory of this land has been its capacity for transcending the moral evils of our past.” Isn’t it time we put aside the divisive politics of the past once and for all and celebrate the fact that neither race nor gender is any longer a barrier to achieving success in America – even in achieving the highest office in the land?

Why is it that Sarah Palin consistently–consistently makes more sense, and sounds more unifying and–dare I say–Presidential–than the current occupant of that office, who seems to be daily shrinking in stature as the cold, implacable force of reality continues to impose itself on his lofty dreams of Hope and Change?

There are those on the right who are–with some justification–outraged by the broad-brush dismissal of the Tea Party movement of the NAACP as “racist.” (And no, don’t try to quibble that the NAACP was accusing “some elements” of racism. This was intended to smear the entire pro-liberty, small-government movement, and in many circles it has done so.)

I can think of few strategies that would be more effective in creating actual racism among white Americans than falsely accusing them of racism. How would you feel if, in some public meeting, someone in the corner stood up and accused you of something both false and vile–and many in the room actually believed the accusation? A natural human reaction is anger–anger at the person accusing you. From there, it is a short step from being angry at an individual to being angry at the group to which the individual belongs. The urge to form tribal groups is very strong in human beings, and this tribal urge is the source of so much hatred, envy, anger, tragedy and misery in the world. And no person–no one— on this Earth, regardless of skin melanin content or political views, is immune to this tribal urge.

I am outraged by what the NAACP has done. But after the first flush of anger, my sentiment after even a moment’s consideration changed to sorrow–which I posted yesterday. I deeply regret that there are so many in the black communities of this country who believe–because that’s what they’re told, over and over and over and over again–that a major reason they can’t get ahead in life is an overwhelming, pervasive racism within the white communities of this country.

I have lived in several of those majority-white communities. I know some level of racism exists, but it is not rampant, and it is generally rather vigorously opposed–by other whites in the community when it occurs. But racism exists in every community. The attempts by minorities to place a veneer of “power-wielding” over the simple concept of racism demeans and diminishes the serious and ultimately undesirable, if not self-destructive nature of the tribal impulse.

Over the past forty years, race has become a marginal issue–or not an issue at all–for most whites. It is difficult (given the subculture in which they live) for blacks to believe, but most white people go through their entire day without once giving a second thought to the race of the people they deal with–blacks, Asians, whatever. The main reason race in this country remains as big an issue as it is, is there is a prominent and vocal segment of the minority black community who along with their other leftist allies and enablers, insist on ripping open the old wounds–loudly claiming all the while that they’re doing it to speed the healing process between the races.

The reason why it is impossible to hold a serious conversation with blacks about the problems of tribalism (Or, according to Attorney General Holder, why we are a “Nation of Cowards”) is exactly, precisely, because many blacks insist that it is impossible for a black person to be racist–and some of those same people insist that it is impossible for a white person to not be racist.

This of course is mere sophistry. (That’s a word that means “bullshit” but sounds a lot more erudite and polite.) And it is dangerous, perilous sophistry for a minority to engage in, because it presumes that the target population will react with equanimity, calm, and grace to the continued slanders and insinuations–if not actively agree with them, bow their collective heads, and vow to be better.

This is a hand that has now been quite overplayed. Where the accusation of “racist” does not evoke a positive “giggle factor” among those that blacks and their leftist allies accuse, it simply makes people angry. The word “racist” has simply become as unproductive in discussion of racial issues as the word “nigger” has become–and for many of the same reasons. It is no longer a descriptive term. It is merely an epithet.

If the NAACP, the President, other prominent black individuals and organizations, and their leftist allies persist in these reckless characterizations of widespread, rampant white racism in the political right, they will re-ignite the tribal instinct of white Americans that has–to a great extent–been suppressed since the early 1960’s.

Do they really, really want to go there? I don’t. I want a world where we have better things to do than worry about how much melanin people have in their skin.

I was a young boy when Martin Luther King gave his speech where he implored people to judge others by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. I listened, and I thought that was a good idea. I didn’t care how much melanin he had in his skin, I cared about the quality of ideas in his head.

It seems that all too many leftists and blacks have decided that skin color should be more important than character.

Only the most naive person would dare to say that racism does not exist, and only a fool would say that racism is a good thing. Racism is a terrible waste of people’s time–people’s energy–people’s lives. We have better things to do than to engage in racism, and we have better things to do than accuse people (if not directly, than by association) of racism.

Moving forward on this issue requires a general agreement on several points:
1: Anyone can succumb to tribal prejudice–call it “racism” if you want, but we all know what it is, and there is no amount of melanin in your skin which can make you immune to it;
2: It’s a bad thing to judge people merely by their appearance;
3: It will be a better world if we judge people by what they do, not what they look like.

There. That wasn’t hard, was it?

UPDATE: Edited for clarity and coherence.

On the NAACP

I note, with more sadness than anger, the myopic resolution of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People at their national convention just down the road in Kansas City, tagging the Tea Party movement with the once-dreaded RAAAAACIST! label.

This is what happens when you actually uncritically believe what people tell you, just because what you’ve been told feeds your prejudices, fits with your own preconceptions, and bolsters your own self-image and sense of entitlement and righteousness, without regard to the actual truth of what you have been told, and without regard to whether or not that self-image and those senses are true or warranted.

I feel sorry for those in the NAACP who voted for this.

Continuing to foment racial hatred and class envy is not a path to civic peace, prosperity, and order. Yet through hateful and divisive actions such as this, it is the path that the NAACP continues to walk.

The people whom the NAACP purport to represent would be far, far better off–both now and into the future–to join with the Tea Party movement of individual freedom, liberty, and responsibility under a government of limited and enumerated powers.

Which makes me wonder what the leaders of the NAACP really want. Of course, I suspect I already know that answer. Which makes me even more sad–sad for their victims, who they have convinced are their beneficiaries.

Why, after each big government social program, does the lot of the urban black population always seem to be somehow just a little bit worse than it was before? Why don’t those who supposedly benefit from these programs begin to ask that question?

UPDATE: It comes to my attention that the current president of the NAACP is a gentleman with the name of Jealous.

You can’t make this stuff up.

‘They Don’t Understand That We Also Dream. . .’

Seen at NRO[*1] :

There is so much about this world that “progressives” simply don’t understand. It actually does make me sad that they so single-mindedly seek such salvation in political power. I’m not smart enough (believe it or not!) to know where salvation comes from, or even if it’s possible, but I do know from studying humanity’s painful, tragic history that salvation has not, will not, can not come from government power.

It’s something that each person must somehow find for themselves.

The Whip, July 10, 2010

Want Economic Stimulus? Don’t Build a Sports Stadium! [*1] — It’s hard to decide what’s the bigger scam: public ‘light rail’ mass transit, new stadiums, health care “reform,” “stimulus,” or “green industries.” Each of them has just about as much objective scientific support behind them–i.e. very, very little–to suggest that they will actually do what their proponents say they will do. All represent the triumph of Hoping Real Hard over actual reality.

Two words shoot all of these down when these Good Ideas come into contact with the Real World: Opportunity Cost.

Lack of jobs increasingly blamed on uncertainty created by Obama’s policies[*2]

Rasmussen: Investor confidence hits 2010 low [*3] — Nobody–especially smaller businesses–are going to do much of anything until they have an idea how much more the Democrats are going to try to hurt them via taxes and regulations. Which may mean no significant recovery until Palin defeats Obama in November, 2012.

Video: New Black Panther Party President Admits Voter Intimidation [*4] — Evidence:

Racists. And not with five A’s, either. The real thing, this time. Imagine a white supremicist movement leader standing up and talking like this. Try to imagine it. Then try to imaging that guy and his organization NOT getting the legal cluebat upside the head. Dave Weigel’s intolerable and unforgivable sin [*5]

Any Conservative Schism May Not Be What You Think [*6] — In any broad-based movement (as the current liberty renaissance is) disagreements between various factions and interest groups are to be expected. This isn’t “schism.” This is “debate.” A concept foreign to the authoritarians of the left. (And yes, all of the left is authoritarian, in case you’re in any doubt about my usage of the term “left”.)

Just Because You Can Force An Issue Doesn’t Mean You Can Solve It [*7] [*8] — Personally, I think that state nullification of federal law should be seriously considered as a Constitutional amendment . . . something like if three fifths (or even a simple majority) of all legislatures vote to veto any Federal legislation, within eighteen months of its adoption as Federal Law, it will be overturned AND Congress will be prohibited from considering legislation on the topic for some significant period of time–either through the subsequent Congress, or through the subsequent Presidential term–would be a useful restoration of the principle of federalism.

Illinois – “let them eat cake” [*9]

Cap-and-Trade Would Hammer Economy, Job Creation [*10]

Penn Jillette Explains It All at [*11]

Small businesses “losing their steam” [*12]

The Government From Boeing [*13] — When corporations stop being competitive, free-enterprise entities and start depending on–and influencing–public policy, then both the corporation and the government they’re trying to influence have become Too Big To Persist.

Why Sarah Palin May Save America [*14]

55 Percent of Likely Voters Find ‘Socialist’ an Accurate Label of Obama? [*15]

The Cost of a Seat at the Table [*16]

Pity the Poor Keynesians [*17]

Get Ready for Donald Berwick to Run Your Health Care [*18]

Those New Black Panthers Can’t Catch A Break [*19]

The Palin Doctrine [*20]

The Voters Are Catching On [*21]

Tomorrow Belongs To Me [*22]

The 24 Types of Authoritarians [*23]

Raising Arizona [*24] — Garbage in, garbage out . . .

Forget Dave Weigel — the Real Issues Are the ‘JournoList,’ MSM Groupthink, Transparency, and Advocacy Masquerading As Journalism [*25]

MEMO TO MILBANK: You’re a head behind the facts on Arizona border decapitations [*26] — Apparently, some Washington Post journalists seem to think that executing people by cutting off their heads is an occasion for humor.

I’d like to see Dana Milbank explain his humor to Daniel Pearl’s family.
Broadcast viewership hits record low [*27]

Green Economics and the Void of Desire [*28] — Yes, a re-post. Go read it.

The Whip, July 9, 2010

Are You an “Internal” or an “External?” And Which is Mitch Daniels? [*1] — Is this like being an “innie” or an “outie?” I’m an internal, I guess. And an innie, thank you very much.

La Nina to form in July as storm, drought fears flare [*2] — What do we need to make the Great Depression II? Stupid government economic policies causing economic bubbles? Check! Even stupider government policies delaying the economic recovery? Check! A return of the Dust Bowl? On the way? Gee. All we’ll need to get out of this is a world war. Oh, wait, the government debt is already where it was at the END of World War II. Oopsie. Hey, here’s an idea! Let’s RAISE TAXES! Yeah, that always improves the lives of regular people. Heck, they’d rather have all that free time than have to waste time at a job anyway! It’s like we’re doing them a favor by making it impossible for them to find a job! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Green Economics and the Void of Desire [*3]

Consider the purchasing and investment decisions of our three hundred million citizens as a widely dispersed intelligence of tremendous complexity. Resources are allocated through a vast number of individual decisions, made with impressive speed. Each citizen becomes one element of a mighty network. It is capable of intuition, as sophisticated communications allow consumers to react to trends and opportunities in a cascade of email, website postings, phone calls, and casual conversation. It is creative, because it’s not restrained by ideology or central directives. People adopt new technologies with astounding speed. With apologies to Alvin Toffler, the only “future shock” nowadays is felt by manufacturers, as the best high-tech products go from the expensive indulgences of trendy nerds to household items in a matter of months.

Obama-style command economics are a far more primitive form of intelligence. They are directed by small groups of people wearing ideological blinders. Politically unacceptable alternatives are ruled nonexistent. Command economies move with glacial speed, receiving corrective input only once every couple of years at the ballot box. They are wasteful, as vast resources are allocated to pay off valuable constituencies, or absorbed by a useless political class through graft.

Emphasis in original. The simple fact remains that the “progressive” agenda is, in actuality, profoundly regressive, essentially taking us back to a primitive, Dark Ages view of human beings and their relationship to government–a relationship of subjects and rulers–of serfs and lords (and guess which one you’re going to be?). It wipes out hundreds of years of long, slow progress towards increasing individual rights, returning us to a neo-feudal–almost tribal–situation where the rights you have come from the group you belong to, instead of being inherent in you by virtue of simply being a human.

Like in so many other things, the very word that the authoritarians use to describe themselves, “progressive,” is itself a blatant lie. It is, in fact, The Big Lie. Again. They are not “progressive.” They are not “liberal.” They are the exact opposite of progressive and liberal.

Health care, welfare, the environment–all are not ends in themselves for the “progressives.” They are, for “progressives,” noble-sounding rhetorical tools which they cheerfully, cynically use to pry your individual, inherent rights away from you.

You have a choice: do it the “progressive’s” way, or go the way of freedom. The goals of the “progressives” and the true liberals may be the same–a better life for everybody. But the true liberals know how to get there–increase the freedom, liberty, individual power, and personal responsibility of every single human being. The “progressives” are flailing in the dark. The Dark Ages dark.

Choose the light. Choose freedom. Choose liberty.

Iowa Federal Court Finds Sheriff Denied Concealed Carry Because of Applicant’s Political Activity, Orders Sheriff to Take a First Amendment Class [*4] — Actually, all law enforcement personnel–and actually, all government employees at any level–should be required to pass an extensive (week-long?) training session and test on the original intent of the United States Constitution and the federal system of government. Taking elected office should be contingent on passing that course with an “A.”

I’m serious about that.

How can you have people in your government who don’t understand the fundamental concepts of your government? Current experience proves that you can’t. Revealing polling data about which the White House cares little — That could, of course, apply to pretty much any poll nowadays, as Obama and his policies continue to tank nationwide . . .

56% Oppose Justice Department Challenge of Arizona Law; 61% Favor Similar Law In Their State [*5]

Mosque Arsonist Caught, Lefties Hardest Hit [*6]

Uh oh: BP stops paying the bills? [*7]

Volunteers Take Better Care of Detroit Than Elected Officials [*8]

Marine General James Mattis Named To Head Central Command [*9]

President Pitching Wedge: “Absolutely Clear” Economy Is Heading In The Right Direction [*10] — Let him be clear . . .

Is Reid Campaign Hiding Its Activities To Evade Campaign Finance Laws? [*11] — Considering that Harry Reid is one of the slimiest political operators ever to disgrace the United States Senate, and considering that’s saying a lot . . .

New Black Panthers: The Dumbest SOB’s On The Planet [*12]

Fireflies Blink in Synch to Send a Clear Message [*13]

Vitamin B3 as a Novel Approach to Treat Fungal Infections [*14]

Popular food additive can cause stomach ache [*15]

$200 Million GOP Campaign Avalanche Planned, Democrats Stunned [*16]

Video: New Black Panther Party to meet Tea Party [*17] — All we are saying, is give freedom a chance . . .

Financial regulation bill dictates ethnic, gender quotas [*18]

Rep. Paul Ryan Walks the Walk on Fiscal Reform [*19]

With video, Palin goes pro [*20]

Opinion: Is Obama Spurring Growth, or Knocking It Down? [*21]

Change Comes to the National Health Service [*22] — Wherein the British cotton onto the thought that doctors might, after all, know a little more about patient care than government bureaucrats . . .

The Wit & Wisdom of Dr. Donald Berwick, Your New Medicare-Medicaid Jefe [*23] — Hey, look, a government bureaucrat pretending he knows how to deliver health care! And, BONUS! he actually is a Marxist!

Mr. President, You Are Sick With Self Love [*24]

For Congressional Dems, Time Is Almost Up: A Little Good News Won’t Cut It; What They Need Is A Game-Changer [*25]

Credit Card Hackers Visit Hotels All Too Often [*26]

How the Expiring Bush Tax Cuts Affect You [*27] — Yeah, that whole “I won’t raise taxes on 95% of taxpayers?” Sorry, chumps, pay up, starting in January, 2011.

ABC calls Obama out [*28]

Poll Data Tailor-Made for GOP Ads [*29]

Peer Review is No Panacea [*30] — “Peer Reviewed” has little meaning other than “yeah, I understood most of the words.” It certainly doesn’t mean “Lookie here, this is Wisdom From On High!”

Iran Heats Up: The Bazaar Strikes Back [*31]

The Elite Turn Against Obama [*32]

Threat of ‘cyberwar’ has been hugely hyped [*33]

Debunking the Top 10 Energy Myths [*34]

Why Cities Are Broke or, There is Something Tragic About a Train… [*35]

The Problems Writers Face Creating Villains and Some Solutions [*36]

The 1920 Census [*37]

Modeling the big toasty [*38] — When you don’t know with any degree of precision exactly how the climate works, climate predictions is a bit like throwing darts at a chart on the wall. Let’s see where Stanford’s darts landed, shall we?

SDSU gets $2M ag endowment [*39]

How (and Why) to Clone Your Mac Hard Drive [MacRx] [*40]

In a silent way, cont’d [*41] — You do have to give the Washington Post credit by continuing to employ Charles Krauthammer as a commentator. Would that other major media follow that example of giving powerful, right-leaning voices prominent platforms. Instead, we get goofs like David Brooks. Please.

Parallel Lives: Liberty or Power? [*42]

Dave Weigel Couldn’t Fill Sarah Palin’s Pumps [*43]

Retail numbers mixed, affluent shoppers pull back [*44]

The Obama-Pelosi Lame Duck Strategy: Union ‘card-check,’ cap and trade, and so much more. [*45]

The Whip, July 8, 2010

Featured today:

The Care of Time [*1]

The destruction of private enterprise and its substitution by government spending creates the danger that too many people will find there’s nothing left but to stay on the needle. Only when it the needle absolutely positively bone dry; bent, corroded and blood encrusted will the alternative be considered. In the meantime there is the terrible momentum of promises, the fatal attraction of hope and change. Will there be enough reserve buoyancy to surface? Or will the Ship of State, like some gigantic version of Illinois, keep racing for the depths?

I’ve seen the needle, and the damage done.

America, and the world, needs an intervention, I think. Perhaps at this point a divine one is required.

America As Job — In keeping with this sudden turn to religious references . . . Job as in “the patience of,” not as Bite-Me Biden’s four letter word. I’m really not a particularly religious person. But then, religious people do not offend me, either. In fact, I’m more often comforted by the existence of serious, thoughtful religious people than intimidated or threatened by them. Radical Islamists excepted, of course.

In a silent way [*2]

Readers who get their news from the the mainstream media are remarkably ill informed. Much of what they “know” isn’t true and much of what they don’t know is important.

If what you know comes from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, or MSNBC, PBS, NPR, or other leftist-dominated media outlets, then you are dreadfully poorly informed. This is simply fact. Get used to it.

And yes, I occasionally listen to outlets like the BBC as well as ABC and the other outlets above. I just don’t believe that they report events and issues fully and fairly, because I’m also reliably informed by many other sources. Of course, I spend an average of probably three or four hours a day actively learning what’s going on in the world and studying world history to learn how we came to be where we are now. Most people don’t have that kind of time to do that.

This is a bit of an “argument from authority” I guess, but I do spend time trying to understand what’s going on, and why. I’m not content to simply believe what anyone wants me to believe. I’m a firm believer in what Ronald Reagan said: Trust, but verify. And all too often when I try to verify the accuracy of the news and opinion of Old Media outlets, I find that they are inaccurate at best, disingenuously misleading all too often, and actively deceitful (with what they report, and much more often by what they don’t report) with depressing regularity. And so I have concluded that what they say can not be trusted. Defeat Socialism: Save America From the Obama-Pelosi Regime…Draft Sarah Palin for RNC Chair [*3] — I’m not sure Palin isn’t more effective when she’s outside the system entirely–this gives her freedom of movement against both the entrenched Republicans who are part of the problem as well as against the leftist Government-Media Complex which is the origin of most of our problems today.

But, if you want to try to draft Palin for GOP Chairman, here’s the link:
Draft Sarah Palin for RNC Chair [*4]


Wonderful News on Climate Change! [*5] — Apparently, investigative whitewash will help solve the problem . . .

College Rejects Rally For Kobach, Ariz., Sheriff: MidAmerica Nazarene University President Cited Safety Concerns [*6] — Which means one of two things: Either the President of Mid-America Nazarine University does not believe in freedom of speech on his campus, or that the anti-legal-immigration forces have threatened violence against Kobach and Arpaio. Or, possibly, both.

Federal Government Overpaid $47 Billion a Year [*7] — Freezing ALL federal spending for ten years is probably inadequate to deal with our current fiscal problems, but it would be a good start . . .

Why Cities Are Broke or, There is Something Tragic About a Train… [*8] — I’ll take a stab at this one . . . Cities are broke because, um, well, because they spend too much money?

Oh, and light rail for almost all American metropolitan areas, as well as the idea of a network of high-speed railroads in modern America, are simply ideas which are economically illiterate.

Pandemic: The Contagious Crisis [*9] — You’ve been told that the economic problems around the world are because of free enterprise. You’ve been lied to by the people who are actually responsible–who, gee, golly, have a motive to deflect responsibility. Imagine that!

To be blunt, the people responsible are the big-government politicians and their enablers in the media. Their victims are you, and me, and all of the businesses out there who aren’t politically connected to the big-government politicians.

Do you enjoy being a victim? Do you want to continue to be a victim? Don’t fool yourselves–the only thing these politicians want from you is your consent-your vote. And they’ll say anything to you they can think of in order to convince you to give them your political power. After you’ve given over your political power, you’ll wind up like those who’ve already given up that power–just look at the plight of inner-city blacks in this country. They’ve sold their souls to the big-government politicians. In essence, they’ve sold themselves back into serfdom, if not outright slavery.

Who Will Investigate the Investigators?: Another voter fraud scandal involving the Justice Department. [*10] — Democrats look the other way when voter intimidation and fraud benefit them . . . it’s a simple fact.

If you’re still voting (D) anywhere, any time, at any level of government, then you approve of voter intimidation and vote fraud. Or you’re ignorant of what’s really going on all around you. Either way, you personally, gentle voter for Democrats, are responsible for this.


Treat Us Like Animals, Please! [*11]

In other words, it worked the same as any other normal market. There is no co-pay, no crazy federal programs funding my right to a worm-free dog, no vast subsidies or penalties, no schemes for redistribution and equality. There is private pet health insurance available for catastrophic things, but not regular maintenance, and hardly anyone goes for this stuff in any case. It wouldn’t make any sense. No employer is on the hook to cough up premiums for pet health insurance.

The only difference between veterinary medicine and human medicine is that we’ve totally f*cked up human medicine with an oppressive level of government laws, rules, and regulations. Both are simply services. Neither are a “right.”

Sam Besserman Vs. The Universe [*12]

I wonder if young Sam has seen this video:

Caught on Tape: Racist NAACP Leader Says ‘Kenneth Gladney Not Black Enough,’ an ‘Uncle Tom’ [*13] — A major issue which we will need to face head-on in order to make progress in America is the issue of black racism. Not racism against blacks, but racism and intolerance of some blacks against other races and cultures. Slavery was a long, long time ago, folks. It’s excuse value is approaching zero. Time to man up, move on, and start accepting some responsibility for your own lives. I personally don’t have a lot of patience for people who look everywhere but the person in their mirror for the cause of their problems. On the other hand, I have much less of a problem doing something to help a person who does accept that it’s nobody else’s responsibility but theirs to improve their lot in life. It’s a matter of the effective investment of resources–my investment will make a bigger difference with someone who’s prepared to take what I offer and use it to better themselves, versus someone who just sits back and thinks I owe him or her something because the melanin content of our skins is different.

Why the Health Reform Wars Have Only Just Begun[*14] — Nothing has yet been seriously discussed; nothing has been decided — imposing a one-sided solution on a population who doesn’t want it is not a solution, it is the absence of a solution . . .

Dig Discovers Ancient Britons Were Earliest North Europeans [*15] — Interesting article (to me, anyway) but a silly headline . . .

The NASA (non) feeding frenzy [*16] — NASA as an agency for outreach to Islam. What? You haven’t heard that one? Serves you right for only listening to Old Media . . .

The quality of mercy in the Obama WH is not strained, it’s nonexistent [*17] — Possibly because the people he’d pardon would set off yet another firestorm of protest against Obama by the people of the USA? Just a guess . . .

…Or the Puppy Gets It [*18] — The leftist guilt trip isn’t working quite as well nowadays . . . maybe people are starting to catch on to the scam . . .

The Justice department’s suit against Arizona — a preliminary look [*19]

QuikTrip to add Blockbuster Express movie kiosks [*20]

Those materialistic, constitution-loving Tea Partiers! [*21]

President Obama Attacks Congress for Delaying His Nominees — Is He Right? [*22] — Wherein Jake Tapper of ABC News answers his own question: No, Obama is lying about the Republicans, yet again . . . it’s almost like he lies about everything (the last comment is mine, not Tapper’s) . . .

Royals complete sweep by powering their way to 7-3 victory over Mariners [*23] — Featuring a sighting of Shaving Cream Man . . .

Ned Yost’s time away from baseball helped the manager rediscover his passion [*24] — Major League baseball seems to have returned to Kansas City . . .

If you need any further evidence of the politicization of Hollywood. . . [*25]

USD, SDSU coaches differ on importance of early offers [*26]

Yes, Virginia, gay marriage is legal in all 50 states [*27] — Discussing the subtle difference between what’s legal and what’s favored-by-law . . . there are lots of things that are legal which do not have a favorable legal status–but not-favored is not the same thing as illegal . . .

Power Is A Function Of Time [*28]

Machiavellian, in a Good Way

“Perfect Citizen”: Congress’ Perfect Failure [*29]

Shocker: Yet another Obama “green economy” fail [*30]

That for which we are and aren’t willing to pay [*31]

The education renaissance of Katrina, education Dark Ages of DC [*32] — I think it’s time to separate School and State.

Alarmism [*33]

National Public Radio is changing its name to NPR [*34] — A good start, dropping “Public” from its name. Now, drop the Federal subsidy for this radio network, and we can move forward. Together.

A Climategate poll that might go terribly wrong [*35]

Parasitic Tort Lawyers: The trouble with trial lawyers — I think we need to institute some kind of “loser pays” system to put some level of control over the current out-of-control tort environment. Of course, at the same time, we also need to hold people–and companies–responsible for their actions. The two public policy goals are not necessarily in conflict, if the goal is to make everyone, everywhere responsible for what they do–both those bringing lawsuits as well as those who invite lawsuits by their behavior.

ACC, ESPN reach 12-year TV deal [*36] — Goodie. Twelve more years of Dickie V. gushing about Duke. Hurray.

“a good first step” [*37] — Then they came for all the pets, but since I wasn’t a pet owner, I said nothing . . .

Cable companies, networks mull smaller TV bundles [*38]

The Business of Government [*39]

This system only works if politicians and bureaucrats are not held accountable for their failures. Naturally, they develop the ability to avoid accountability as a survival skill. Nowhere is this more evident than with the Department of Education, which touts the miserable performance of its unionized teachers as clear evidence that it needs more money. If you question any of this, or point to administrators with pensions [*40] costing tens of millions, you are said to oppose education.

‘The Unfortunately Named Contessa’ [*41] — Which reminds me, unfortunately for the entire universe, of the Unfortunately Named Kum and Go [*42] . . .

Michael Moore’s New Job: Oscar Board Member [*43] — Further evidence of the continuing descent of the Oscars into utter irrelevancy . . .

Is Reading On A Kindle/iPad Really Slower? [*44] — I don’t have a Kindle or iPad, but have noticed that I read (fiction, anyway) a LOT faster on my computer than from a book . . .

If you’ve lost Streisand, you’ve pretty much lost the left [*45]


Is it really too much to ask for people to come in through the front door–or even through the back door, as most people did where I grew up–rather than coming in through the windows?

In case you’re not getting it:
Front door, back door = legal immigration;
Windows = illegal immigration.

Is it really, really too much to ask?

Or, is asking people to come in via a door rather than the windows RAAAAACIST? Let me know, so that the next time I visit you I come into your home in your preferred method.

Independence Whip Finale, July 6, 2010

(Actually, not the real finale . . . just the articles I bookmarked through sometime on July 4th itself. Yeah, I’m playing catchup again.)

Meltdown: Democrats Teetering On The Edge Of Political Abyss [*1] — If “saying it makes it so” like the Democrats believe, then I’m going to go hoarse using this as a mantra . . .

Obama Has Killed Recovery [*2] — “Progressive” policies and Keynesian economics simply don’t work–not without a large, robust economy, internationally (that has traditionally been the USA) or a large, robust, resiliant private sector (domestically) to suck the life out of. When the golden goose of free enterprise can’t lay enough golden eggs to pay for the welfare state and Keynesian economic ignorance, then things fall apart–like what happened in the 1930’s. Like what is likely to happen in the 2010’s, unless the Democratic agenda is not only stopped but decisively reversed, across the board.

Baghdad and Kabul? No – The Most Dangerous Place in the World is Between the Teachers Unions and the Public Trough [*3] — I’m not so sure we wouldn’t be better off simply abolishing any direct funding of education by government, and just give people vouchers to use for whatever educational needs they have. It wouldn’t be a totally free market (after all, those vouchers would still be government scrip of a sort) but I think it needs to be seriously considered as an alternative to the state-capture of education in this country. Separate Education And State! Free The Schools! Could Obama be more unpopular? Part Two [*4]

Obama Fails to Square the Illegal-Immigration Circle[*5]

Hyperspectral Imaging by Library of Congress Reveals Change Made by Thomas Jefferson in Original Declaration of Independence Draft [*6] — Pinpointing the moment when Americans stopped being “subjects” and became “citizens.” Odd that some people want to go back to the former status, isn’t it? And even more odd that those people call themselves “progressives.”

Ignorance of the Law Is No Excuse. Unless You’re in Law Enforcement. [*7]

AP: ObamaCare will flood nation’s emergency rooms [*8]

House “Budget Enforcement Resolution” Dodges Accountability [*9] — Abdication of responsibility. Every single member of the House that voted for this (That being 215 House Democrats) should be removed from office, with prejudice. They will not be forgiven. 38 Democrats and all of the House Republicans voted responsibly. This vote will not damn them. Other votes, however, can, and some of them will.

Heh: Hatch, McConnell, Murkowski all early “no” votes on Kagan [*10]

The method to Obama’s madness [*11]

Judge rules against St. Louis development plan [*12] — More of this kind of decision, please, Judges of America . . .

Voters Trust Republicans [*13]

Obama’s Brave New Deal, cont’d [*14]

The Recovering Economy: Euphemism for Depression [*15]

The GOP Attacks On Steele Are Pathetic [*16]

California State Workers Still Overpaid At $7.25 Per Hour [*17]

Illinois Stops Paying Its Bills, but Can’t Stop Digging Hole [*18]

Mr. Beck, Meet Mr. Chambers [*19]

Immigration, Assimilation and Sovereignty [*20]

Great news: TSA to block “controversial opinion” websites to employees [*21]

Declaration of Independence [*22]

The eternal meaning of Independence Day [*23]

What price Christie? part 6 [*24]

Our Brains Are More Like Birds’ Than We Thought [*25]

Andrew Breitbart presents Big Peace [*26]

The Third of July [*27]

Democrats fear end of New York gravy train[*28]

Spotting the Solar Regime Shifts Driving Earth’s Climate [*29]

Conservatives Are More Than Twice as Likely as Liberals to Be Strongly Patriotic, Says Gallup Poll [*30]

Socialism versus European Democracy [*31]

The Myth of the Social Security “Trust Fund” [*32]

Better Than Free [*33] — “The internet is a copy machine.”

What price Christie? part 7 [*34]

A Tea Partier Responds to Sheryl Crow [*35]

NASA: The Next Generation [*36] — Yeah, that whole space exploration thing is passe . . . what NASA really should do is make Moslems feel better about themselves . . .

Class-warfare battles have Democrats anticipating low fundraising numbers from NY [*37]

Obama, Designated Hero [*38] — This leftist airbrushing of history brought to you by The Economist . . .

The CEO problem [*39] — . . . “And then they came for the CEO’s–and the CEO’s said WTF?????” . . .

Regime Uncertainty—Now Maybe People Will Take the Idea Seriously [*40]

The Guardian: Climategate was ‘a game changer’ [*41]

Markets Repeating Head and Shoulders Pattern of Great Depression [*42]

Dow Repeats Great Depression Pattern: Charts [*43] — Oh, yeah, I’ve got a real warm fuzzy feeling about September/October, 2010 already . . . actually, that warm feeling is more like what you feel when you’ve had a dozen Miller Lites and don’t quite make it to the bathroom in time . . . We Are So Screwed . . .

It’s the Liberty, Stupid: ‘Big Peace’ Launches! [*44]

Lessons of McDonald v. Chicago–By Glenn Harlan Reynolds [*45] — The Instapundit gets one right in his wheelhouse . . .

Chicago newspaper: What were we thinking in electing this narcissistic empty suit? [*46]