On the NAACP

I note, with more sadness than anger, the myopic resolution of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People at their national convention just down the road in Kansas City, tagging the Tea Party movement with the once-dreaded RAAAAACIST! label.

This is what happens when you actually uncritically believe what people tell you, just because what you’ve been told feeds your prejudices, fits with your own preconceptions, and bolsters your own self-image and sense of entitlement and righteousness, without regard to the actual truth of what you have been told, and without regard to whether or not that self-image and those senses are true or warranted.

I feel sorry for those in the NAACP who voted for this.

Continuing to foment racial hatred and class envy is not a path to civic peace, prosperity, and order. Yet through hateful and divisive actions such as this, it is the path that the NAACP continues to walk.

The people whom the NAACP purport to represent would be far, far better off–both now and into the future–to join with the Tea Party movement of individual freedom, liberty, and responsibility under a government of limited and enumerated powers.

Which makes me wonder what the leaders of the NAACP really want. Of course, I suspect I already know that answer. Which makes me even more sad–sad for their victims, who they have convinced are their beneficiaries.

Why, after each big government social program, does the lot of the urban black population always seem to be somehow just a little bit worse than it was before? Why don’t those who supposedly benefit from these programs begin to ask that question?

UPDATE: It comes to my attention that the current president of the NAACP is a gentleman with the name of Jealous.

You can’t make this stuff up.