Morning Whip, June 18, 2010

Republican Candidate for Congress: Hey, Maybe BP and the Federal Government Conspired To Leak the Oil [*1] — On the one hand, this is patently stupid. On the other hand, given ACORN, it has a certain conspiratorial plausibility in today’s political environment. On the third hand, maybe BP is one of those companies that’s become Too Big To Persist–and maybe the Federal Government has, too. Too Big To Fail is Too Big To Persist.

All about Sharron Angle: The background of the woman who’s taking on Harry Reid. [*2]

“I’ve seen government from many sides,” Angle says, smiling. “Legislator, school board, citizen in the initiative process. I have a multifaceted background in education. I’ve done public-school teaching, private school, homeschooling, and tutoring for juvenile justice. I’ve taught adults at community college.” So when she says that she wants to dump the entire Department of Education, she comes across as a warm grandma who’s fought the beast, knows it, and detests it, not as some anti-government demagogue.

“Look, the Department of Education is a policy machine that sends down one-size-fits-all rules that fit no one,” Angle says. “Education works best when you have all of the stakeholders involved and working toward the same commitment. That happens best at the local level. Anything bureaucratically, administratively, these layers and layers — that just diminishes the involvement of the stakeholder. They feel like their voice isn’t being heard because there is too much of a loud clamor from the top.”

See, the problem that the “progressives” have is that when they demonize people like Angle, they’re demonizing people I’ve spent my entire life sitting across kitchen tables, school lunchroom tables, and college town bar tables from. The “progressives” have a wonderful line of BS that simply doesn’t stand up to reality. And reality always wins, although sometimes it takes a while. The chickens are coming home to roost. Wild Sharks, Redfish Harbor Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria [*3]

Eating eggs doesn’t seem to up diabetes risk [*4] — Well, uh, considering diabetes is a sugar metabolism disorder . . . what kind of moron would expect a link between eggs and diabetes? Oh, yeah . . . scientist morons . . .

event transcript: “What Should the Next Communications Act Look Like?” [*5] — I don’t suppose a blank sheet of paper is an option . . .

Dick Armey to GOP candidates: Maybe it’s time to ease off the “tea party” label [*6] — Yeah. Time to go beyond tea. Root beer, perhaps? It’s time to morph, time to change, stay inside the “progressives'” OODA loop . . . “patriot” is old and busted, too, by the way. We need us some new hotness.

2012: Too soon for a Christie presidential run? [*7]

Secrets of the Times [*8]

Language mavens exchange words over Obama’s Oval Office speech [*9] — I’ll save you the trouble of reading the article: “You’re too stupid to understand what the President was saying, that’s why you didn’t like the speech.”

The Absolute Latest on the War Between Public & Private Sector Workers or, The Next Time Someone Tells You Educators Don’t Make Enough, Tell Them About This $26 Million Dollar Man [*10]

Good-Bye, Free Checking. Thanks a Lot, Consumer Protectors! [*11]

Which Party Rewards Ideological Fidelity More? [*12] — Translation: “I hate it when Republicans actually start acting like they believe their rhetoric!”

Keith Olbermann to Daily Kos: I Break With Thee [*13]

We’re All Racists Now!: Jon Stewart Mercilessly Ridicules Obama [*14]

The Narrative turns 38. But as to the facts, just shut up! [*15]

Tea? Party [*16]

Living Fast and Dangerously: Hormones Influence the ‘Pace of Life’ of Songbirds [*17]

Using Bacteria in Oil Wells to Convert Oil to Natural Gas [*18] — The phrase “What could go wrong?” comes to mind . . .

Trust Fund Ignores Rule of Law [*19] — No, no, no . . . the law is whatever our rulers decide the law is . . . you silly goose . . .

“Today’s decision gives hope to millions of American property owners” [*20]

Linguistic Gerrymandering: The FCC Moves to Regulate the Internet [*21] — Maybe the Internet should move to regulate the FCC . . .

That 30’s Mistake [*22]

Tea Party 2.0 (Part II): What is a Block Captain Team and How Does it Work? [*23]

DISCLOSing Contempt for Liberty and the Constitution [*24]

Barton: Taken To The Woodshed, Retracts Apology To BP [*25] — Man, that was some darn stupid politics going on right there between Barton’s ears . . . what the hell was he thinking?

Hope and change: Etheridge now trails in House race after assault video goes viral [*26]

Is The No-Fly List Unconstitutional? [*27]

Americans Not Inclined To Pay More To Fight Global Warming [*28]

Shock poll: Obama’s endorsement makes voters less likely to vote for someone [*29]

Making history disappear? In school? [*30] — There are, apparently, a lot of school teachers and administrators who do not have the temperament to be in that profession, substituting as they do rules for intelligence . . .

Coast Guard shuts down oil-skimming barges due to … lack of life vests onboard [*31] — Um, what part of “emergency” or “disaster” did the Coast Guard not comprehend?

Krauthammer: Barton’s apology was “the most politically stupid statement of the year” [*32] — See? It’s not just me . . .

Figures. MSNBC Mockumentary Discusses Obama’s Days as Brilliant Constitutional Law Professor But Actually Shows Him Teaching Alinsky Tactics (Video) [*33]

Newsweek Intern Attempts to Describe Hayek’s Road to Serfdom: Massive FAIL [*34]

Bart Stupak: Hey, Let’s Use That BP Escrow Account To Fund Health Care [*35] — No pile of money is safe from a sitting Congressman . . .

The Helpless Titan [*36]

It’s not necessary to ignore the misdeeds of British Petroleum to criticize the appalling performance of our massive super-State. Big Government and Big Business have become so entwined that any disaster on the scale of the Gulf oil spill, or the subprime mortgage crisis before it, will have both public and private agencies to blame. Suggesting that government cannot be criticized until every one of its private-sector “partners” has been bankrupted or nationalized is a recipe for tyranny. We should study the example of BP and understand that only one half of the government-business alliance can call press conferences at will, addressing a media prepared to extend them unlimited credit for their good intentions.

Who told Obama drilling is ‘absolutely safe’? [*37]

Obama’s spill recovery chief will be part-time[*38] — Oh, yeah. Sure. At least Barton had the good sense to apologize for his stupidity . . .

The Exploitation of Entrepreneurs [*39] — the most exploited class in America today . . .