Morning Whip, May 18, 2010

You really can’t fault me for leading with . . .

Miss USA Rima Fakih is a champion pole dancer [*1] — no, really. Not a joke . . . not even a Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Tina Fey . . . Royals sock the White Sox in a 5-3 victory [*2] — ” “It’s not only about pitching and hitting,” Guillen continued. “You’ve got to play smart and know what your job is. That’s been missing for the three years that I’ve been here — this has not been a very fundamental team.” ”

Ammunition production is on the rise at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant near Independence [*3]

Shocker: Most of world’s “happiest countries” have suicide rates higher than the USA [*4] — “Happy?” I do not think the word means what you think it means . . .

Writing question: When to give up on a story [*5]

A Question of Canon-Building [*6] — Ah, the evergreen question of “what represents ‘science fiction “canon”‘” . . .

Don’t Stop the Writing [*7]

Republic CEO Bryan Bedford On the Branded Strategy (Across the Aisle) [*8]

It just got real [*9] — SDSU college baseball. It’s for real, this year . . .

The apology thing [*10] — “While I disagree with the vast majority of the things that Barack Obama says and does, nothing irritates me more than his serial apologies for the United States. It accomplishes nothing, and diminishes us.”

Yes, There Is a Hollywood Blacklist [*11] — The intolerance of the “liberals,” on display for those brave enough to just look . . .

The problem with public sector unions [*12]

These unions and the politicians they support are selling out the states and the country for increased personal compensation and pension benefits in return for political office. Whereas public sector jobs were once among the lowest paid, they’ve become some of the highest paid with unsustainable pension plans a key feature. And when budget woes hit a state and any politician has the temerity to suggest cutting those plans or benefits, he or she is roundly shouted down and organized against at the next election.

Ludwig von Mises and Free-Market Thinking [*13] — You are not an educated person if you do not know and understand Ludwig von Mises’ theories on economics and human action . . .

The Constitution or Utilitarianism? [*14]

We still have the Constitution, right? [*15]

Catalog Details 1.25 Million Species of Organisms Across the World [*16]

Paul easily beating Grayson in final KY primary PPP poll [*17]

The theory of the “Howling Mob” [*18] — “. . . Now before you start laughing, think for a moment. Which group has been treated as more of a threat by the left than the other – Islamic radicals or … the Tea Parties? Which has received the lion’s share of the left’s vituperation? Demonization? Immediate blame for the Times Square fizzle? . . . ”

Are Liberal Bloggers Finally Admitting Gladney was Beaten? [*19]

Modern Etiquette: Tips for dining for business success [*20]

Blame Glenn Beck [*21]

The Democrats in 2010 — “ideologically diverse” or running scared? [*22]

White House Bracing for Specter Loss [*23]

Nomadic People’s Good Health Baffle Scientists [*24] — I’m guessing either the lack of property tax, or the absence of the need to mow the lawn . . .

How to Make Brownies, Pentagon-Style [*25] — “Just grab a copy of document MIL-C-44072C and gather your ingredients: water that conforms to the “National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (Copies are available from the Office of Drinking Water, Environmental Protection Agency, WH550D, 401 M Street, S.W., Washington, DC 20460),” and some eggs in compliance with “Regulations Governing the Inspection of Eggs and Egg Products (7 CFR Part 59),” and you’re ready to go!”