Noonish Whip, May 8, 2010

Simon Cowell Endorses Britain’s Conservative Party [*1]

As ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ Chuckles Along, Seth MacFarlane Crudely Trashes Sarah Palin [*2]

I Like Socialism. Also Capitalism. Also Family Values. [*3]

A Greek Tragedy in the Making [*4]

CBO: Doc fix will cost more than anyone thought [*5] — What was the rush to pass Obamacare about? Was it, as it certainly seems, a desperate effort to get it rammed through before everybody understood just how bloody expensive and wrong-headed it was? Was it just to collect a political “win” for the Democrats at the expense of the American people as a whole? Is that what it was all about? It certainly looks that way. A dozen employees cut from Star payroll [*6] — Sadly, Jason Whitlock not among the dozen . . .

Awesome: MFM Changes Its Spin on Shahzad [*7]

Give Us The Money [*8] — The sad reality is most of the dupes of the Democratic Party have absolutely no idea where money comes from in the first place. They think it’s “Obama money” and it comes from Obama. It’s magic fairy unicorn dust. Money happens. That is, when the evil, greedy rich people aren’t meanly hoarding it so that the good folk can’t have a decent life. That’s the warped, perverted, evil worldview promoted daily by almost every single Democrat (and a depressing number of Republicans) in political America today. Their economic illiteracy is extremely dangerous. It has to change.

MFM: Picking Sides In Illinois Senate Race [*9]

“Most ethical congress ever” to keep allowing members to do “insider trading” [*10]

Growling sea lion pup captured after hiding under San Diego police car for 4 hours [*11]

The Country’s in the Best of Hands [*12]

How Dark Chocolate May Guard Against Brain Injury from Stroke [*13]

Heckuva Job, Strickie: Chief-of-Staff to Sec. of Interior, Tasked with Coordinating Response to Petroleum Katrina, Instead Spent Week Rafting In Grand Canyon With Wife [*14]

NCAA proposes tighter restrictions on elbows [*15]