Morning Whip, May 7, 2010

It’s not morning. And these aren’t the latest links. The next few Whips are Catch-Up Whips from the past few days. This may take a while, but here we go:

Somali pirates hijack Yemeni cargo ship [*1] Palin and Leftist Elites [*2]

The left can’t stand the fact that Palin, like Reagan, isn’t one of them. Like Reagan, she is not an “intellectual.” She doesn’t share what Thomas Sowell dubbed “the vision of the anointed” — progressive elitists’ unshakable faith in their grandiose plans for regimenting our lives. To leftist intellectuals, it’s okay to have a president who thinks he visited 57 states, a vice president who has claimed that Franklin Roosevelt went on television to calm the people after the stock market crash of 1929 (no TV yet, and Hoover was president), and a Speaker of the House who has insisted that we must switch from fossil fuels to natural gas. All ignorance, error, and mental dullness can be forgiven as long as one subscribes to the political catechism, “The government must control economic activity.” What is unacceptable, even evil, to them is someone like Palin, who doesn’t subscribe to the same catechism, who just doesn’t “get it.”

Oil spill – a perfect storm (update) [*3]

Today’s Moment Of Chris Christie Awesomeness…Judicial Edition [*4] — “Christie just isn’t playing by the rules the Democrats have set up to rig the game for so long.”

99 vulnerable seats in the House, 99 vulnerable seats … [*5] — “Jim Geraghty of National Review’s Campaign Spot looks at the 435 contests in the upcoming midterms and finds 99 potential wins for the GOP, which would make this one of the most significant midterms in decades. . .”

Where the Contract with American Failed, the Freshmen 50 Will Succeed [*6] — “The Freshmen 50 is a PAC, but unlike most PACs, there is no special interest behind it. It’s just you, me, and the radical notion that “We the People” should represent our neighbors responsibly.”

Internet Censorship Is Now “Substantially Justified” [*7] — Doesn’t that just put an extra bounce in your step? No?

Contessa Brewer Is Frustrated That Times Square Bombing Suspect Is A Muslim UPDATE: Note Brewer’s Double Standard For Islamic Terroists And Militia Members [*8]

Obama Refers to Opposition as “Teabaggers”; Updated [*9] — “Obama may be the most thin-skinned President we’ve ever had. It’ll be funny to see him apologize for his crude, offensive, and juvenile language when this book officially comes out.” The problem here occurs because Obama is the kind of person who will never, ever understand he has done one single little thing to apologize for. Other people always misunderstand him and the wonderful things he’s trying to do. No act of his ever requires any apology, and few acts even require any kind of coherent, straightforward, honest explanation, it seems.

WH reveals exact number of US nuclear warheads [*10]

Unrest in Athens Unlikely to Impact Cruises [*11]

‘Family Guy’ Seth MacFarlane Lies About Arizona Immigration Law [*12] — What? A Hollywood leftist with an off-kilter worldview? That NEVER happens.

Hedge Funds Donate Big to Democrats; Get Exemption from Bank Bill [*13] — That’s how the Democrats work: Demonize a special interest, then collect the extortion money from them as they hope to avoid the worst of the government’s iron fist . . .

Hey, You Know How Cheap It Would Be to Seal the Southwest Border? [*14] — “Five billion, all told, which is “a rounding error” in the GM bailout.”

Time 100 Open Thread (Update: Race Called for Coats) [*15]

Not All Americans Hate Libertarians [*16]

Fox News uses WUWT [*17]

The Gulf oil rig explosion – on the scene photos [*18]

Good news: Obama using the word “teabaggers” now [*19] — This from President We Need More Civility In Our Political Discourse. Pot. Kettle. Melanin-enhanced.