Morning Whip, Feb. 16, 2010

SDSU 67, USD 48, women’s basketball. Go Rabbits.
SECTION TWO: Things That Amuse Me:
Simians and other aminals*:
None today . . .
*Yes, I know it’s “animals,” it’s just that I always found the childhood mispronunciation really, really cute . . .

American and British Airways Finally Receive Alliance Approval From the US (Tentatively) [*1]

Previews of the Big Game–USD vs. SDSU: The Rivalry Resumes!
Rolling Jacks meet reeling Coyotes [*2]
Rivalry renewed [*3]
Jackrabbits rekindle rivalry with USD [*4]
And in other sports:
Monday Musings [*5]
Bad sports, good sports: Potholes at the Daytona 500 [*6]

Science Fiction and Writing:
Serious Tip on Writing from A Professional [*7]
getting it right vs. getting it done [*8]
Ways to Trash Your Writing Career: Guaranteed Career Suicide [*9]

Science, technology, and space:
Built-in Amps: How Subtle Head Motions, Quiet Sounds Are Reported to the Brain [*10]
The Last Shuttle and the Rise of China [*11] — My enthusiasm for NASA’s exit from manned space flight is tempered only by the sure knowledge that Obama and his “progressive” buddies will place such onerous regulations on private space flight as to make it nearly impossible . . .
Space: The Final Frontier of Profit? [*12]
Catholic journal ‘First Things’ compares Intelligent Design movement to Charge of the Light Brigade [*13]

Straight News–Stuff sufficiently serious to deserve a serious treatment:
Amy Bishop Is A Far-Left Extremist “Obsessed” with the President [*14] — And sometimes, psychpathic nutcases are just psychopathic nutcases . . .

Miscellany (amusing things not fitting above, or below):
Girl On Girl: Dating Women Makes Me Sympathize With Men [*15] — “Gals tend to hold on to things longer and they do so with an iron grip. Guys will throw their problems at your feet like a heap of dirty laundry. It’s usually pretty easy to clean up the mess because dudes actually want to move on.”
Sandra Bullock, or, what makes a movie star? [*16]
Middle America Cheers For Sandra Bullock [*17]

SECTION THREE: Politics: The neverending battle against blithering idiocy:
People doing potentially good things (including sightings of politicians doing something less than totally idiotic):
Editorial Board for the Oklahoman Comes Out in Favor of Palin and the Tea Party/Other News [*18]
Terminator vs. Squirrel [*19] — Wherein Arnold briefly re-discovers fiscal conservatism . . .
‘Tea party’ activists filter into GOP at ground level [*20]
Sarah Palin Mobbed in Daytona [*21]
GOP to mine for votes in coal states [*22]

The cure for blithering idiocy: freedom and individual liberty (yeah, I know–ooh, ick, philosophy!):
The Burden of Freedom [*23]
The Not So Wild, Wild West [*24]
A Tale of Two Libertarianisms [*25]
Our Time for Choosing [*26]
The Fable of Market Meritocracy: Markets don’t reward smart people. They reward value. [*27]
Reinhold Neibuhr Was a Subversive Pinko (and Other Conservative Insights) [*28]

The reality of President Obama as a blithering idiot (and he’s the President, so he gets credit, if that’s the word, for the entire Executive Branch):
The lassitude of John Brennan, Part Two [*29]
Ann Coulter: How Long Are We Going to Pretend That Joe Biden Is Not Just Some Drunken Irishman Embarrassing Obama? (Video) [*30]
Why Obama is Wrong about Net Neutrality and His Scheme Must Be Defeated [*31]
Brennan: Terrorists = Purse-Snatchers [*32]
The White House Has A Fever And The Only Prescription Is More Obama [*33] — Because nobody in the Obama Administration has ever heard the word “overexposed.”
Will Obama Have a Primary Challenger? [*34]
Maybe If the White House Just Repeats Its Health Care Reform Plan One More Time, Everyone Will Suddenly Like It, and It Will Pass! [*35]
Joe “Full Biden” Biden: “I Never Once Doubted” the Surge Would Do Exactly What I Promised It Could Never Do, EVer [*36]

The reality of Washington Democrats (and Independents, and Socialists) as blithering idiots:
Evan Bayh Announces Retirement [*37] — Bayh, seeing oncoming freight train, steps out of the way . . .
Dems to Obama: Please don’t stand so close to me [*38] — Actually, a lot of Democrats are seeing the oncoming freight train and are stepping out of the way, if they’re able . . .
Control of the Senate[*39]
Is this the sound of the Senate flipping? [*40]
Industry study: US will lose over $2 trillion in 20 years in drilling ban [*41] — And which party is responsible for that drilling ban? Any guesses?
Industry Study: Dems Cost US $2.36 Trillion in Oil Money [*42] — . . . Oh, yeah! The DEMOCRATS! Heckofa job, donkeys!
The Future Consequences Of Energy Stupidity [*43] — Because “Energy Policies” have consequences . . .
Cost of Banning Oil-and-Gas Drilling? Two Point Three Six Trillion Dollars Over 20 Years [*44] — Most people would allow as how that is a lot of money . . .
Mikulski Too? [*45] — Meanwhile . . . some phrase about rats and sinking ships comes to mind . . .

The reality of Washington Republicans as blithering idiots:
Let’s Make a Deal? — Guess what it is . . . go on, just guess . . .
The Purpose Of The Health Care Summit? [*46]

Other blithering idiots at large making life difficult for regular folks:
California is America’s Greece [*47] — There is not enough wealth in the world to give to every person everything they think they “need” . . .
Tea Party to field candidate in battle for Harry Reid’s Senate seat [*48] — Stupid people? Or Democrat party false-flag operation?
Tea Party of Nevada: Real Third Party, or False Flag? [*49]
Isn’t It Time to Finally Put the Interests of Kids First Rather than Catering to the National Education Association? [*50]

Opposition Research: because blithering idiocy can be dangerous, especially when organized into idiotic groups with idiotic ideologies:
A Diva’s Thoughts on Palin Derangement Syndrome [*51]
The New Conformo-radicalism [*52]
Trashing Conservatives: The Deep Thinks of Deepak Chopra [*53]
Acorn-ucopia [*54] — I’ll bet you thought ACORN got de-funded by the government–right? SUCKER!

The Keith Olbermann Memorial “Special Comment” on blithering idiots in the Media:
Katie Couric: Return of the Palin Slayer [*55]
The sun rises. Birds sing. Olbermann lies. [*56]

SECTION FOUR: Case Studies in Blithering Idiocy
“Global warming” aka “Climate change” — or should that be “Climate Reform?”:
The Snow Line is Moving South [*57]
A historical observation on Climategate [*58] — “Climate Change” and “Intelligent Design” have lots and lots of similarities, but the analogy to the Bellesiles scandal is good as well. Piltdown Man also comes to mind. As do epicycles and phlogiston.
Video: The IPCC’s Rapdily Melting Credibility [*59]
Some Crank (Who Just Happened To Be A Lead Author Of The 2001 UN Climate Report) Says Temperature Data Is Unreliable Proof Of Climate Change [*60]
Inside the Climate Bunker[*61] — Surprisingly, not one of those Hitler-in-the-bunker parody YouTube videos . . .
Dalton Minimum Repeat goes mainstream [*62]

Health care “reform” aka health insurance “reform” — or should that be health care “change?” Perhaps “Global healthing?:
coming soon . . . again . . .

The Economy (Can the blithering idiots bring down the most productive economy the world has ever seen? Yes, They Can! Will they?):
Big Government Not A Solution [*63]
The Unemployment Crisis [*64]
Krugman’s Inflation Incoherence [*65]

Foreign affairs and National Security (Will blithering idiots get us all killed, or make us all speak Spanish–or Chinese–or Arabic–or all three?):
Playing Chicken with China [*66]

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