Morning Whip, Jan. 29, 2010

A (mostly) daily review of what’s out there that caught my attention. (Yeah, it’s possible I might have ADD . . .)

I surf the Web, so you don’t have to!

Section One: The Word:
An occasional comment, rant, or snark, brought on by the flow of events:
If you live where the government assesses a property tax, you do not own your property. The government does. You just rent it, and the government is your landlord. Emphasis on the “Lord” part, serf! Don’t believe me? Try not paying your property taxes. Something very, very like an eviction will happen to you.

Thought #2–if you’re big into gold, you might want to think about getting out–ore at least diversifying. Because George Soros is saying that “The next bubble is gold.” [*1]
And how he has made his billions is that he creates bubbles, and then he pops them–making money off both ends. That’s his game.

Anyway . . . “it’s just news. It’s just news! . . . ” (beware of laser beams)

How To Report The News (only one f-bomb, but what the heck, it’s kind of in context):

You have seen The Matrix, haven’t you? Haven’t you?
Boing Boing [*2] carries the humor to its logical Internet blog-based conclusion.
And now, the rest of the news . . . I n s p e c i a l E n g l i s h . . . (that visual joke was for the shortwave fans out there . . . )
(After the “Read More” of course . . .) 2.2: Travel:
No travel today. It’s snowing.

2.3: Sports:
Jackrabbits begin road trip at Oral Roberts [*3] — women’s basketball weekly release . . .
Bjorklund scores 20 to lead Lady Vols past Tigers [*4]
Hello, hoop world. It’s K-State [*5]
KU’s Self complimentary of Martin — but not out of altruism[*6]
Kansas State fans delight in their ‘Octagon of Doom’[*7]
Jacks complete Centenary season sweep [*8]
IUPUI Halts Oakland’s Record Win Streak in Thursday’s Marquee Matchup [*9] — Summit League men’s basketball roundup
Mississippi State stuns Georgia [*10] — SEC women’s BB . . .
College roundup: Sargent leads SDSU men to win [*11]

2.4: Science Fiction and Writing:
Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Professional Courtesy [*12] — not really about writing . . . just generally good advice . . .
Annihilating History: The Creative Engine of SF [*13]

2.5: Miscellany:
New Conventional Wisdom: Cable TV Bundling is Good for Consumers [*14]

2.6: Science, technology, and space:
McGraw-Hill Cut From iPad After CEO’s Loose Lips on CNBC [*15]
Antioxidants aren’t always good for you and can impair muscle function, study shows [*16]
Researcher Who Sparked the Vaccine/Autism Scare “Acted Unethically” [*17] — Be responsible and get your kids their shots, OK? And stop getting your medical advice from Coast to Coast AM.

Section Three: The News, featuring Liberty And Its Enemies:
3.1: Strategy and tactics for defending human freedom and liberty:
A Responsible Choice [*18] — school choice–it works . . .
A Blow for Free Speech [*19]
Breaking: Bachmann withdraws from Tea Party convention [*20]
Are Barney’s Days Numbered? [*21] — No, not the big purple dinosaur . . .
On “Ideological Purity” & the 2010 Elections [*22]
Going Rand (Paul) [*23] — The ‘Cuda is about to endorse Son Of Paul? (Way out there hyper-libertarian Ron Paul’s son Rand?) What’s that ’60’s song? “Somethin’s happening here . . . what it is ain’t exactly clear . . . ” If true, it’s . . . cool, man!
Moral relativism is bad enough without the moral lectures [*24]
A Citizen’s Guide to the Constitution [*25]
Reading and Watching: Sharp, An-gee-es-kee [*26]
Main difference between conservatives and liberals? [*27]

3.2: The reality of Obama and the Democrat leadership as blithering idiots:
Obama’s SOTU [*28] — “It wasn’t a speech. It was an excuse.”
The Disconnected President [*29]
Reading and Watching SOTU Reactions … [*30]
Is it over yet? [*31]
Well, at Least the State of the Union Address Was Televised on C-SPAN [*32]
Union Boss to Members: Shut the F*%k Up, You Motherf*%kers! [*33]
Obama’s Transparency [*34]
One Day After Obama Promises to Curb Spending – Dems Pass Largest Debt Increase in US History [*35] — Judge them not by their actions, but by their words . . .
What Was Missing from the SOTU Address [*36]
Cato video-fisks the State of the Union speech [*37]
CNN: Independents now reacting negatively to mere mention of “hope” by Obama [*38]
SOTU Fact Check [*39]
Obama Voted for, or Signed Into Law, Every Blessed Penny of 2009’s Spending [*40] — He was for it, before he was against it!
Rush to Obama: Let Me Be the Father You Never Had (Audio) [*41] — I think it’s probably too late, Rush . . .
BOOM! Taste her nightstick [*42] — The Response Of The ‘Cuda . . .
Obama’s Glass Jaw [*43] — I’ve noticed that “progressives” often have intellectual glass jaws . . . basically, they can dish it out but they can’t take it . . .
Obama To Ill 9/11 Rescue And Clean Up Workers: Screw You [*44]
Democrats’ new secret weapon in pushing amnesty? Lou Dobbs [*45]
POTUS Cites Wrong Founding Document [*46] — Oh, Lord . . . this guy is supposed to be a “Constitutional scholar?” He doesn’t even know what’s in the document–that is now clear and obvious.
Why ridicule is Obama’s Kryptonite [*47]

3.3: The reality of the Republican leadership as blithering idiots:
Lawyer: Phone Scheme Meant to Embarrass Senator [*48] — I feel kinda bad when there’s all that stupidity of the Dems on display immediately above, and relatively little from the Stupid Party to balance it out. But, I’m really not sure that the escapades of a 25-year-old muckraker really is in the same league as serially lying to the entire nation. Still . . .

3.4: Opposition Research: The enemies of human freedom and liberty:
Should Obama Just Pack the Supreme Court and Get It Over With? [*49]
Department of Education Exempt from Spending “Freeze” [*50] — Figures. One of the most useless of government entities is spared even the mildest of inconveniences under Obama and the D’s . . .
SEC to demand global-warming risk disclosure from public corporations [*51] — It’s almost like the Dems don’t know where wealth comes from . . .
Obama takes retooled agenda on road after speech [*52]
Blaming Whitey [*53]
Three Important Reasons Why Obama’s Demagoguery Will Fail [*54]
Mandating Higher Education Inflation [*55] — Because the Democrats care more about the education industry than they actually do about educating Americans, because truly educated Americans, capable of critical thinking, would see right through their ridiculous, contradictory socialism . . .
Leaders warn recovery could falter without help [*56] — The word “help” in the title should probably have had scare quotes around it . . . as in “We’re from the government and we’re here to help you” . . .
Why Is Senator Kirk Still Voting on Legislation? [*57] — Serious question: Is anything that passes the Senate that he votes “yes” on after the Brown election legally binding?
Judging Alito – Obama’s Ultimate Arrogance [*58] — One could argue that Obama’s “State of the Union” whine-fest was itself inappropriate . . .

3.5: Media bias–and incompetence:
Comedy gold: Breitbart and Shuster yell at each other over James O’Keefe; Update: Shuster lied to me to get to appear, says Breitbart [*59]
Keith Olberman Lies About Kenneth Gladney [*60] — Why does that guy still have a national cable “news” network primetime TV show?

3.6: Fear The ‘Cuda–A spotlight on Citizen Palin, who really needs to find a better phrase than “Common-sense conservatism” to describe her philosophy:
Conservatives 4 Palin [*61] –Semi-permanent link for Palinmania . . .

3.7: “Global warming” aka “Climate change” — or should that be “Climate Reform?”:
Climate Fraud Scientists Can’t be Prosecuted For Hiding Data [*62]
Lord Lawson calls for CRU Inquiry to be held in public [*63]
New paper in Nature on CO2 amplification: “it’s less than we thought” [*64] — And, considering that CO2 is the Holy of Holies in the Church of Climate Change, Global Warming Synod . . .
CRU’s Climategate finally makes the news in Norwich [*65]
The Science Is Settled, A Continuing Series: Disappearing Rain Forest Edition [*66]

3.8: Health care “reform” aka health insurance “reform” — or should that be health care “change?” Perhaps “Global healthing?:
Dem sources: Senate “fix” for ObamaCare could add another $300 billion to price tag; Update: Dems ready for reconciliation, says Kyl [*67] — It Ain’t Dead. Oh, no, friends, oh, no . . . it won’t be dead until the last Democrat is dragged kicking and screaming from Washington, dipped in the tar, and rolled in the feathers . . .

3.9: The Economy:
Economy likely grew faster in 4Q, but fears remain[*68] — “Likely???”

3.10: Foreign affairs and National Security:
Report: Obama Folds…Looks To Move Terror Trials Out Of NYC [*69]