Thought for the day

The most that any government can do is set people ‘at liberty.’ The State can stabilize the condition of freedom, and that is its sole excuse for being…men must develop their liberty from within. It cannot be doled out by government agencies.

47.7 pounds

Woo. And Hoo. And I did the math correctly this week, too.

I was getting a little nervous about making 230 by Halloween. I think I’ve got a pretty good shot at it, now. I’m off all of the blood pressure medications for now–we’ll see how that goes, but I’m hopeful that I’m off of them for good–or at least for a good long while.

Anyway, I had my third “body composition analysis” this week. The numbers are really, really good:

Today, October 24th August 11th Difference
Weight: 231.3 lbs 274.5 lbs ** -43.2
Lean body mass 167.6 lbs 177.0 lbs -9.4
Body fat mass 63.7 lbs 97.5 lbs -33.8
Body mass index (BMI) 31.1 36.9 -5.8
Percent body fat 27.5% 35.4% -7.9%

** Yes, I gained 5.5 pounds in the week from my first Body Composition Analysis (274.5 pounds) to my first visit with the doctor (279.0 pounds). A last fling, of sorts.

Oh, yeah. I got another ribbon–my 40-pound ribbon. (Snookums likes the ribbons.)

Two Years Ago: The view from the other side of the world

I’m traveling, so posting has been nonexistent for a while.  But now, I’m sitting in a hotel lobby on the side of the world that’s in the light when it’s nighttime back home in the USA, and it’s a depressing thing.  No, not the hotel lobby itself, which is as fine as any you could hope for.   But this side of the world is ugly, nasty, poor, and heartbreaking.  It’s disgusting, messy, and dirty.  But people live here, laugh here, have fun with friends here.

The news is filled with terror attacks, monkey attacks on city assistant mayors, more terror attacks, cricket, more terror attacks, Bobby Jindal, and more terror attacks.

Time to start thinking about coming home.

Thought for the day

From the book Power in the People by Felix Morley, as linked by Gary Galles at the Ludwig von Mises Institute[*1] :

There are many Americans who attest their willingness to accept political dictatorship, if the State will only furnish them with periodic handouts and otherwise show continuous benevolence in the ordering of their lives.