Thought for the day

From the book Power in the People by Felix Morley, as linked by Gary Galles at the Ludwig von Mises Institute[*1] :

State power, no matter how well disguised by seductive words, is in the last analysis always coercive physical power…As we come to recognize that the State is the repository of coercive power, and by its nature works ceaselessly to enlarge that power, much that seems shameful and senseless in the world today becomes intelligible…

35.6 pounds

The labs?


Blood serum glucose is down to 80 mg/dL. That’s really, really, really good! When I started, that number was consistently just over 100–which is the cutoff number between “normal” and “pre-diabetic.” I didn’t like being pre-diabetic, and my family doctor didn’t like it either. That’s why she put me on metformin. I go talk with her next week, to update her on what’s happening and (maybe?) get off a prescription drug or two. A guy can hope. My blood pressure today was 112/70, so maybe eventually I’ll get off the blood pressure meds, too.

Things are good.

I’d have liked to have seen more weight loss this week, but after the torrid pace of the first five weeks, maybe a bit of a slowdown in the rate of loss was about due. I’m still shooting for 230 or less by Halloween, and that’s less than 16 pounds and 30 days away. A half-pound a day? No problem!