Usage Note

The blogging has been hot and heavy for a while here at But I’m in the process of shifting gears as summer recedes in the rear view mirror and we breeze through fall and head for . . . college basketball!

I’m also working on a few other projects which will occupy some of my time–I’ve accumulated a pile of books that are begging to be read; I’ve finally hooked up a turntable to my computer to finally convert my old vinyl LP’s to digital iPod-ready tunes (which is what I happen to be doing tonight); my partially-written science fiction novel has been languishing and it’s starting to get really lonely; and I’ve started writing a more politically-oriented tome as well. I’ve got a couple of pieces of lawn furniture to sand and re-lacquer. Go get a flu shot or two. Celebrate a wedding anniversary. Keep losing weight. You know, stuff like that. So much to do, so little time.

The bottom line is don’t be worried if the rate of posting slows down here. I’ve got my usual Thought of the Day series queued up for a while, and my retrospective One, Two, Three, and Four Years Ago series will be there too to tide you over should I neglect things for a day or three. I’m around. But I’m probably busy.

Don’t panic.