Two deaths in America

Ted Kennedy is dead. So is Noreen, the mother of one of my very best friends.

I sit here, and the question pops–unbidden and very unwanted–into my mind: which one of the two had more impact on my life? Ted Kennedy, through all of the policies he fought for, and the legislation he passed through the years, or the person who gave birth to a dear friend?

That I can even consider the question troubles me greatly. It should be a no-brainer–of course Noreen, through her daughter, has had an enormous impact on my life–all positive, by the way–daughter and husband are really among my dearest friends. Kennedy’s legacy–for me, anyway–consists primarily of taking more money away from me on an annual basis and giving it to other people. What could I have done with the money Ted took from me? Would I be better off? Would others?

I guess they say “it’s only money.”

I feel more than a bit gulity that my mind turns to the political at a time like this.

God bless Ted, and Noreen, too. May you have the rest you both have earned.