Disgusting turds of politics, Late June 2009 Edition

Exhibit 1: Mark Sanford, Governor, South Carolina. Skips out on his job, his wife, his family for a junket to Argentina to bang his lover.

Fire his ass. Now.

Exhibit 2: The 219 cretins who laughingly call themselves “United States Representatives” who passed–sight-unseen–a 1,200-page bill to outlaw basically the entire economy of the United States, while most of you were out mourning over Michael frickin’ Jackson. Nice.

They did not read the bill. They couldn’t have. At the time they voted on it, the bill didn’t actually exist[*1] in its final form. Who knows, it might never. But that’s OK, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

These 219 pinheads, having proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are a danger to themselves and–especially–others, should be detained by lawful authority, given a fair trial, and institutionalized in a mental institution for the remainder of their intellectually impotent lives.

These people don’t give a rat’s ass about you, your household budget, your job, or basically anything about your life. Because they know better than you how you should spend your money. They know this because you keep foolishly wanting to do things like heat your house in the winter, and cool it in the summer.

They know this because you insist on exhaling that dangerous pollutant–carbon dioxide, instead of just going and dying like a good little prole.

To you people who voted for anyone who voted for or advocated this bill–from Obama on down–I hope you’re *censored*ing happy today.

Why would you want to put a dagger in the heart of the national economy, when unemployment figures continue to come in “over economists’ estimates?” Because you’re a Democrat (or one of the eight even more idiotic Republican), of course!

Politicians, in general, are people with little to no contact with reality. It is our obligation as citizens of this country to re-acquaint them.

Vote against an incumbent–regardless of party. Do it while you still can–assuming Obama and ACORN won’t make it too late already in 2010.

Next up, an intricate, hard-to-understand, and utterly un-read bill intended to destroy the American health care system. I’m so PROUD to be an American.


Oh, I forgot:

Exhibit 3: Barney Frank. Special lifetime achievement Disgusting Turd of Politics award, for destroying the entire housing and banking industries with ill-conceived regulations, then blaming the victim afterwards.

Further Update: Why, yes, I have been reading quite a lot of Ace of Spades HQ[*2] and Protein Wisdom[*3] lately. How did you know?