Always nice to find . . .

someone who agrees with me about a movie–in this case, Crash[*1] :

My opinion: I hate this movie. Crash was an unrealistic, melodramatic depiction of racism in this country. Of course racism exists, but it’s not as black and white cut and dry as Crash would have you believe. The film suffers from finding itself quite clever, linking together its characters (a technique that was executed properly and brilliantly in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia) in an unbelievable, far-fetched manner. Plus, presenting the scenes in slow motion coupled with an overly dramatic score doesn’t make the movie good. It makes it pretentious, and the social message about racism is delivered with the subtlety of a jackhammer.

Man, I hated that movie. Not quite as much as “Million Dollar Baby” which I don’t just hate, I loathe, but “Crash” sucked. Hard.