Democrats are from Kumbaya, Republicans are from Get-er’done

From HillBuzz[*1] :

We share all this because we are in a very unique and unexpected position these days, attending both Dem and Republican events, seeing the definite cultural differences between the two.

Maybe you have seen things like this too. If not, watch the next time you are at a cross-the-aisle or bipartisan event and see if you can pick up differences in tone, expecations, organization, and work product.

We think, ultimately, people who trend Democrat do so from a place of culture and emotion, and never really think about it. They just go where they feel they belong, regardless of whatever the party is doing policy-wise. ”I’m a Democrat!”, people say, ourselves included, because that’s where we always felt welcomed and validated.

People who are Republican might be so repulsed by the kumbaya stuff that one of the reasons they are Republican is that they don’t want to hear the stories about you growing up or listen to you recap what other people said (Inez, we say, looking at you, with love but also an equal measure of exasperation).

Just something to think about based on our our anecdotal experiences.