I’m starting to wonder

if all of this “Obama is not a native-born American” nonsense is disinformation coming from the Democrats themselves.

Officials in Hawaii (that’s the Hawaii that has a Republican Governor–one of Sarah Palin’s buddies, as a matter of fact) say they have the original safely tucked away[*1] , just as they should.

That’s game, set, and match as far as I’m concerned.

Now, let’s ask The Next Question:
Given that the whole issue is a farcical load of manure, who stands to benefit by extending the issue and making the gullible right-wing black helicopter crowd (with the delightful sub-set of those who suspect chemtrails in the water sprinklers) look even more out of touch?

It’s not as if we don’t have plenty to hold against Obama and the Democrats without wandering into Nirther/Truther/LaRouchie/Alex Jones territory, right?

But, it’s the cool, clammy Dog Days of Summer, when news is (supposed to be) scarce, and we talk about weird and unimportant things (like completely re-engineering one-sixth of the economy without even bothering to READ THE FARKING BILL, for instance).