Fiscally conservative, socially liberal

Cato Institute cites a Zogby poll[*1] :

If you knew that a recent Zogby International survey found 59 percent of the respondents described themselves as “fiscally conservative and socially liberal,” and if you were a head of a political party wanting to put together a winning platform, what would you do?
. . .

At the same time, Democrats cannot seem to get it through their heads that most Americans do not want higher taxes and more nitpicking government regulations on how to run their lives. They are confusing voter disgust with Republican mismanagement as support for their left-wing agenda.

The Republicans only need to read two new books to know what to do. The first is by the exceptionally creative political thinker and activist, Grover Norquist, titled “Leave Us Alone.” The second book, by libertarian scholar and activist David Boaz, is titled “The Politics of Freedom.” The authors present opposite sides of the same political coin. They are both limited-government optimists, and both spend the bulk of their time using different strategies to promote their agendas.

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I’m pretty much with the 59% majority, I guess.  Leave me alone, and leave everybody else alone, too.