$100 billion for broadband?

It might be worth the price.  Ars Technica[*1] :

The US is in desperate need of 100Mbps “big broadband.” That’s the conclusion of a new report from EDUCAUSE[*2] (PDF), a group that represents IT managers at over 2,200 colleges and universities. But these 100Mbps connections are coming slowly; in the meantime, countries like Japan already have them. To avoid falling further behind, the report calls for a national broadband policy to be passed this year, one that includes $100 billion for a fiber-to-the-home infrastructure that will connect every household and business in the country.

It would be the electronic equivalent of the Interstate Highway System, I guess.  But the Interstates wound up killing off the railroads.  Was that a good trade?  Maybe.  Maybe not.