A Plan to Kill Everyone

Michael Totten[*1] , from Fallujah:

It has been months since the jihadists have been able to murder anyone in Fallujah. Only a few weeks before, however, a handful showed up on a street corner and handed out anti-American snuff films on DVD. Apparently they thought the local civilians would be impressed. They were not. They called the Iraqi Police, and the propagandists were taken away to the jail.

The main Jolan market was up ahead, but first we passed through a neighborhood that, unlike almost anywhere else in Iraq, received 24 hours a day of electricity.

Lieutenant Barefoot pointed up toward the sky. “See the electricity poles?” he said. I did, and I was amazed.

The neighborhood was wired properly as though it were part of a modern First World country. Gone all of a sudden were the hideously tangled rat’s nest of wires and cables that make up most of Iraq’s electrical grid.

In fact, electrical wire rat’s nests are common in “Third World” countries, even ones much less troubled than Iraq.

Go and read Totten’s full article at michaeltotton.com (there’s pictures there, too).