Tet ’08?

Yeah, the bad guys are working on it (from StrategyPage[*1] ):

Sometime within the next six months or so, al Qaeda or Saddamist terrorists will attempt a Tet offensive.

No, Middle Eastern mass murderers don’t celebrate the Vietnamese festival of Tet, but trust that America’s enemies everywhere do celebrate and systematically seek to emulate the strategic political effects North Vietnam’s 1968 attack obtained.

But this time around, there is a counter-narrative to the NVA/VietCong/CBS/NBC/ABC defeatism (this, from an in-theater U.S. Army Lt. Colonel, via Michael Yon[*2] ):

While the mother went to make the tea, her little girl came in and sat down. We asked her how old she was and she did not know. She ran to her mother to ask and came back telling us she was six years old with a big smile. Her father came in shortly after and was thrilled beyond belief that we were in his home to have tea. We shared the only two tea glasses they had. After our visit we took a family photo for them and delivered it framed on Christmas Day.

The experience of war changes people. For some it is a negative change but most manage to absorb the experience and use it to make themselves stronger. I have said goodbye to a mortally wounded soldier in the hospital, spoken to grieving family members of our casualties, and tried to comfort soldiers who just lost their best friend in a single violent moment. I have been under fire, looked insurgents in the eye, and seen corruption up close. I have also seen people emerge from oppression and live with hope for the first time in years. I have seen children reach up and grasp the hands of American soldiers just because they trust them. I have felt the desire to help and then been given the resources to do it. Finally, I have felt the close knit camaraderie that develops when you serve with a group of people fighting for a cause larger than self. Yes, this experience has changed me. I am stronger, more driven, and humbled all at the same time.

We are the good guys, and we are winning in Iraq.