You know, Japan is an odd little country . . .

Found on[*1] :  Butt-biting bug munches on Japanese tush in a quest for the golden (be)hind[*2]

The Butt-Biting Bug, which is actually supposed to be one of the Little People, first appeared in June on an NHK children’s cartoon. The crunching creepy crawly — who, perhaps unsurprisingly, has roots dating back to ancient Assyria — skyrocketed to national fame following the release of a CD and DVD on July 27, with stocks of both quickly running out.

Sales and additional orders for both the music and movie have continued flooding in, and a catchy mobile phone ringtone taken from a song about the Butt-Biting Bug and its tush tasting exploits attracts six times more downloads than any other of the dozens available on NHK’s site. A children’s book starring the fairy came out last week.

Sunday Mainichi notes that the Butt-Biting Bug is actually a fairy, whose nibbles on people’s cabooses are supposed to bring them enormous amounts of energy.

Sure, blame the long-dead Assyrians.  (Heh, they said ASSyrians! Guffaw!)