Lone Pony unloads on a loser

In my new quest to find libertarian/center right bloggers in the greater Kansas City area, I’ve come across Lone Pony[*1] .  Here, she has a personal moment[*2] and decides to move forward rather than live trapped in the past:

I used to blame things on my husband:

I’m ANGRY because youwent drinking and drove home and ended up in the front yard on top ofthat beautiful rose bush I planted. What I should have felt was disgustand pity. (Someone called me out today and made me look at myself andfeel ashamed. Let’s make you mad and see if you do anything about it. Ifeel like fighting with someone smaller than me, so that I can whipthem and feel like a big man again.)

I’m INSECURE because youlike trashy women. Is that the kind of woman I am??? You picked me, youpicked her…am I like THAT??? (Hell no!)
. . .
I act like a BRAINLESS IDIOT because I’ve accepted your lies withoutconfronting you. (It didn’t take you long to train me. No wonder youdon’t respect me.)

Well…*censored* YOU. And shame on me. I picked you and I stuck around when you treated me badly.

I don’t want to be a lonely, angry, insecure, fearful, shameful, brainless idiot.

Good for you, Lone Pony.  Do what you know is right, and do it with optimism and good cheer and without fear.  If only more people learned what you say here, the world would be a much better place:

My friends should be those who make me feel proud of who I am.

They should be the people who make it easier for me to be the person I want to be.

Iused to blame things on other people. I used to think the way I feltwas because of other people. But, didn’t I make those choices myself?Didn’t I choose to be with that person? Therefore, shouldn’t I take theresponsibility for my feelings and my actions?

Once again, bravo, Lone Pony!

(Irritatingly, my fingers persist in wanting to type ‘pony’ as ‘poney.’  Grr.)

Hat tip:  The Chatterbox Chronicles[*3] .