What to do about Iranian nukes?

This monograph[*1] from the U.S. Army’s Strategic Studies Institute [*2] basically boils down to:

We’re screwed. Y’all better get psyched up for Cold War II: Radical Islamism vs. Western Liberalism.

A quote from the monograph:

What more should the United States and its friends do? Ultimately, nothing less than creating moderate self-government in Iraq, iran, and other states in the region will bring lasting peace and nonproliferation. This however, will take time. Meanwhile, the United States and its friends must do much more than they are currently to frustrate Iran’s efforts to divide the United States, Israel, and Europ from one another and from other friends in the Middle East and Asia; and to defeat Tehran’s efforts to use its nuclear capabilities to deter others from taking firm action against Iranian misbehavior.

It continues on in that rather depressing vein for 300 pages. I’m slogging through it.

Knee-jerk critics and supporters of the Bush foreign policy need to read this.

The time for partisan political games is past, but most everyone playing those games haven’t figured it out yet, much to the peril of our civilization, let alone our “national security”.

Hat tip: Belmont Club[*3] via Free Republic[*4] .