Playing politics

Partisans left and right are wasting no time degrading themselves by pointing political blame for Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.Leftists are attacking on multiple fronts, including

Global warming
President Bush not dropping everything and rushing to New Orleans to personally toss sandbags
The war in Iraq–taking up National Guard resources, diverting Corps of Engineers funds for shoring up the Louisiana coastline, etc.
Rightie bloggers not going 24/7 all Katrina all the time

Some of the things the righties are attacking about include:

The shaky leadership of the Louisiana governor and New Orleans mayorCindy Sheehan (how she relates, I’m not sure)
President Bush’s less-than-forceful response
The lunacy of building a major city on the coast below sea level
The list of leftie attacks shown above

I was going to link to some of this crap, but frankly it doesn’t deserve it.

Note to everybody: IT WAS A FREAKIN’ CATEGORY FOUR HURRICANE! Pull your heads out of your posteriors and get busy doing something helpful for a change, rather than trying to tear down your “enemies.” There’s plenty of time for the blame game–we’ve got a city to save! For crying out loud, we don’t even have any idea how many people have died on the Gulf Coast. Give the partisan B.S. a rest for a while, OK?