Iraqi constitution writers want delay

Iraqi constitutional commission wants another 30 days[*1] .

The main points in dispute include such issues as federalism, dual nationality and the role of Islam.

Here we go again with the timetable thing. The article makes it sound like the delay is a serious setback for the U.S. Sure, we are disappointed that the Iraqis may miss the arbitrary August 15th deadline, but isn’t it more important to give the Iraqis the time they need to work things out on their own?

Reforming Islam

One of’s jihads is the necessity for Muslims to reform Islam to bring the religion into the 21st Century. This has to be done from within–it is folly to try to impose change from outside to a religion with over 1.7 billion adherents. But that doesn’t mean non-Muslems can’t advocate and encourage change. So, to the articles: Stopping radical Islam[*1] , from Newsweek:

What this is about, as Tony Blair has argued, is fanaticism. Radical ideologies of hate and violence have often seduced disaffected young men searching for some great cause. Forty years ago they would have embraced Leninist revolutionary dogma, with Che Guevara as the bin Laden of his day. Today, for Muslims, it is a violent interpretation of Islamic fundamentalism. Born in the Middle East, it has spread like a virus across the Muslim world and into the Islamic diaspora in the West.

Nailed to the mosque door[*2] , from Reason Hit and Run:

Al-Gharbawi is one of numerous Muslim writers demanding a religious response to Islam’s global crisis. Many of these writers are calling for religious fatwas against terrorist deeds, but Al-Gharbawi thinks that’s not enough. He wants a re-interpretation of Shari’a, a new understanding of the life of the Prophet, and even writes that “there is a need to discuss intensively the issue of abolishing chapters in the Koran.”

So, the calls for reform are there. But, there are (as always) those who resist. Not all of those resisters fly hijacked airliners into buildings and blow themselves up to kill children, but some do. The battle is joined.

Any Reformation has its opponents[*3] , from the Washington Post:

Elsayed, for his part, bristles at labels like moderate or conservative. He said calls to reform Islam, like recent efforts to allow men and women to pray together, are misguided _ yet he also urged his congregation to reach out to non-Muslims.

Just because we’re not Muslims doesn’t mean that we have to be stupid. Stupid would be to hand over to the most reactionary and radical Muslims the capabilities to build nuclear bombs. We already know that the extremists will kill themselves in order to destroy the infidels (i.e. us). So . . .

Some places need reform more than others[*4] : from MEMRI via Trey Jackson, here’s the President-elect of Iran:

The message of the (Islamic) Revolution is global, and is not restricted to a specific place or time. It is a human message, and it will move forward.

Have no doubt… Allah willing, Islam will conquer what? It will conquer all the mountain tops of the world.

Morning Whip, July 30, 2005

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HP to stop reselling iPod

OK, maybe the price for my 20 GB iPod at Sam’s Club was too good. HP is getting out of the iPod resale business[*1] .

“HP has decided that reselling iPods does not fit within the company’s current digital entertainment strategy,” Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris said. “As a result, HP plans to stop reselling iPods by end of this September.”

The MicroWhip: Space News

New planet discovered[*1] in Solar System, farther out and estimated to be one and one-half times larger than Pluto.

the discovery would rekindle debate over whether Pluto can be regarded as a planet at all.

Station managers want Discovery to stay one more day[*2] .

“The crew of Discovery and on the current space station assignment are looking at what, if anything, we can do while Discovery is there to pre-position the station for a longer gap between flights should there be one,” NASA administrator Michael Griffin told reporters via teleconference, stressing that it is much too soon to assume NASA’s next shuttle flight is beyond 2005.

Spacewalk[*3] starts to test shuttle repair methods.

On the first of three spacewalks scheduled for the STS-114 shuttle mission, Noguchi and Robinson are scheduled to test repair methods for the shuttle’s heatshield tiles, and restore power to a failed control moment gyroscope, which, together with others, helps the station maintain its correct position in space.

Debris problem update: NASA Administrator Griffin is optimistic[*4] .

“We are going to fix it in short order and we are going to get back to flying,” Griffin said in his first press conference since NASA decided July 27 to ground the shuttle fleet until the problem is solved.

Is he whistling past the Shuttle’s graveyard?