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BonusWhip! Whip it! Whip it good!

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You too can get in on the Morning Whip fun! Send your link to whip@medary.com and we'll consider it for the next Morning Whip list. Even if it doesn't make it, we'll quite likely post an article about it. No reasonable article will be refused (reasonability determined by Medary.com's editorial staff--i.e. me).

If you want to do it yourself instead of sending us a link, well, maybe we can make a deal. To do that, you need to be a "story admin." This exalted position lets you, well, submit stories. How do you get to be a story admin?

One way is is to e-mail us some interesting web links. Do that for a while, and we just might catch on to your Internet surfing prowess and offer you the capability to write your own stories to Medary.com. Deal?

The other way is via the old boys/girls network. If we already know who you are, and you ask nicely and promise to play well with others, then you're in!